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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Selected audio segments:
Omicron case suspected in Cathay crew  Listenfacebook
A Cathay Pacific cargo crew has tested preliminary positive for Covid-19, and officials suspect it could involve the highly-infectious Omicron variant. It prompted health authorities to lock down a building in Yau Ma Tei on Thursday night where he lives. The lock down was lifted at 7 o'clock on Friday morning, with around 160 residents tested and no new cases found. Timmy Sung reports:
HKU warns of Omicron's high transmission rate  Listenfacebook
Researchers at the University of Hong Kong have warned that the Omicron coronavirus variant could make a lot of people severely ill even though it may be less potent. Experiments done by the team found the new variant infects and replicates in the lower respiratory tract of people 70 times faster than the Delta or original Covid strain, but multiplies less efficiently in the lungs. Dr Michael Chan led the study. He said Omicron was a significant threat because it would infect many more people, including the elderly and those with chronic health problems. He spoke to Wendy Wong:
UK announces another record rise in Covid cases  Listenfacebook
The World Health Organisation says Omicron is spreading faster than any other Covid-19 variant and the situation is concerning. It's been recorded in almost 80 countries. Britain announced another daily record of positive cases - around 88,000 - prompting France to restrict travellers coming from the UK. RTHK’s UK correspondent Gavin Grey told Samantha Butler that the daily number of Covid cases is expected to get significantly higher next week:
WTC building reopens after fire  Listenfacebook
Three people remain in hospital in a stable condition after being caught up in a fire at the World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay on Wednesday. Hundreds of people had to be rescued from outdoor areas of the building, after the stairwells filled with smoke. The lower floors of the World Trade Centre are under renovation. As Violet Wong reports, the building was partially reopened on Thursday for people who work there:
Two charged with sharing 'blank ballot' call  Listenfacebook
The ICAC has charged two people with inciting others to cast blank ballots in Sunday's legislative council elections. They're accused of re-posting a social media post by former lawmaker Ted Hui - who's in self-imposed exile overseas - in which he allegedly made such an appeal. Damon Pang reports:
Legco 2021: New Territories North East  Listenfacebook
The first Legislative Council elections following Beijing’s revamp of Hong Kong’s electoral system take place on Sunday. Voters will choose a new legislature consisting of 90 lawmakers - 20 of whom will be elected by people living in 10 geographical constituencies. In a special series, RTHK has been meeting Legco candidates from around Hong Kong. This time, we feature those in the New Territories North East geographical constituency:
HK graded poorly for climate efforts  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong has received a C-minus for its efforts in adopting the targets of the Paris climate agreement to try to cap the global temperature rise to 1.5 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The grade was issued in a Hong Kong climate action report - entitled Paris Watch - published by CarbonCare InnoLab. Researcher Kevin Li told Natale Ching why Hong Kong's grade slipped a notch since last year:
Warmer climes attracting tropical butterflies  Listenfacebook
A green group says it's identified seven butterfly species in Hong Kong this year that have never before been seen in the SAR. But it says this may actually be bad news because the butterflies may have migrated here from warmer climes due to climate change. Yau Wing-kwong, the CEO of the Environmental Association, told Janice Wong it was rare to see the butterflies, which normally live in tropical climates:
How neck ties can help grassroots mums  Listenfacebook
Operation Santa Claus 2021 is raising money for 18 charities this year. One project is called ‘Tie to Art’ organised by Les Beatitudes Foundation, aiming to help local grassroots mothers tap into creativity and to earn a few dollars. Andrew Dembina spoke to the Foundation’s founder and chief executive Margaret Leung:
Children die in freak bouncy castle tragedy  Listenfacebook
In the Australian state of Tasmania, five children have died after an inflatable bouncy castle was blown into the air. According to police, the children fell from a height of around 10 metres. Several others are in a critical condition. Annemarie Evans spoke to RTHK's Australia correspondent Gerry Gannon about the tragedy: