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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Ben Tse and Samantha Butler


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Vaccine bubbles for govt employees  Listenfacebook
The government is to implement a vaccine bubble arrangement at its buildings and offices from mid-February, requiring all employees to present their vaccination records when entering these premises. Officials are also consider extending vaccine bubbles to restaurants and other venues. Wendy Wong reports:
Boosted Covid measures to keep out Omicron  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong confirmed eight more imported Omicron coronavirus cases on Tuesday, bringing the city's tally to 27. As Wendy Wong reports, the government has stepped up infection control measures at quarantine hotels to prevent the variant from entering the community:
Free smartphones for the elderly  Listenfacebook
The Jockey Club says it will distribute 20,000 free mobile phones to underprivileged people aged 65 and above. The scheme is designed at least in part to promote the use of the government's Covid location-recording app, LeaveHomeSafe. Use of the app is mandatory at government and a number of listed premises and a smart phone is needed to scan a QR code. Joanne Wong reports:
Elderly excited about free phones  Listenfacebook
The elderly services director of an NGO partnering with the Jockey Club says the free phone plan will help bridge the digital divide and allow the recipients to better connect with society and socialise with friends. Tammy Leung from the Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association told Ben Tse that the pandemic affected a lot of elderly people and their ability to go out:
HK govt slams foreign criticism of Legco polls  Listenfacebook
The government has dismissed as 'fabricated' and 'unfounded' criticism of Sunday's Legislative Council elections from the so-called Five Eyes group, which said there was a lack of opposition. The Foreign Ministry's office here also hit out at the comments from the US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Mike Weeks reports:
Tik Chi-yuen wants political reform talks in Legco  Listenfacebook
The only member of the non-establishment camp to win a seat in the new Legco, Tik Chi-yuen, says he'll bring up discussions about political reform during his first 100 days as a lawmaker. The chairman of Third Side took the social welfare seat. Tik says he's hopeful about the future of the opposition camp despite being a minority of one. But he told Jimmy Choi he could work with his 89 pro-establishment colleagues on many issues:
Ronny Tong blames voters for 'one way' Legco  Listenfacebook
The Path of Democracy’s convenor Ronny Tong says the non-establishment camp could have won around a sixth of the 90 Legco seats if the nearly 70 percent of voters who didn't cast a ballot had taken part in Sunday's elections. The Executive Councillor said they should consider that they bear some responsibility for creating a legislature that in his words is “one way”. He said low turnout was responsible for the failure of the two candidates his group put up to fight for seats. But speaking to Vicky Wong, Tong acknowledged many people stayed away from the polls because they were unhappy with the revamp of the political system:
Tien: Third Side opponent was unprepared  Listenfacebook
Roundtable lawmaker Michael Tien disagreed with Ronny Tong's comments that people who didn't vote should bear some responsibility for the failure of non-establishment candidates. Tien said in his New Territories North West constituency, the Third Side's Casper Wong failed to win because he entered the race at the last minute and was unable to answer questions about the district during political debates. Tien also described himself as somewhat of a 'dissident' lawmaker. He spoke to Samantha Butler:
Young local astronomer finds new asteroid  Listenfacebook
A young local astronomer has identified a new asteroid. Exodus Sit, a University of Science and Technology graduate, found the celestial object in May after taking part in an international sky-surveying programme that involved months of analysing telescope images. He told Violet Wong he was thrilled that the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center had recognised his discovery: