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Home Affairs Bureau being ludicrous: lawmaker  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong First lawmaker, Claudia Mo, has described the way the Home Affairs Bureau is running its youth exchange and internship programmes as “ludicrous.” She said the funds allocated for programmes on the mainland far exceeded those for other countries. Mo said this was not helping young people to broaden their horizon and international perspective. Mo, who is also a member of Legco’s home affairs panel, spoke to Annemarie Evans:
Ketamine abuse can damage biliary system: researchers  Listenfacebook
Researchers at the University of Hong Kong say they've found that long-term abuse of the drug ketamine can damage a person's biliary system, which includes the liver, bladder and bile ducts. A research team carried out tests on more than 250 ketamine users and found that 60 percent of them had such damage. But subsequent tests on six people, who quit the drug, showed the problem is reversible. Dr Walter Seto, who led the study, said he hoped the findings will encourage drug users to quit their habits as soon as possible. He spoke to Jim Gould:
Trump and Macron discuss Iran's nuclear programme deal  Listenfacebook
Presidents Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron have agreed to work towards a new deal with Iran to curb its nuclear program and tackle its regional ambitions. The announcement followed talks between the leaders of the US and France at the White House. At a joint news conference, Trump made clear his dislike of the current international agreement. But Macron said the deal did provide some control over Tehran's nuclear activities and should be honoured. Annemarie Evans asked Paul Rogers -- Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University in the UK -- what he made of the discussions between the two leaders: