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Concern over government subsidy for MPF accounts   Listenfacebook
The government is expected to announce a new offer for the business sector next week, to get companies to agree to stop raiding their workers' MPF accounts to make long-service and severance payments. The Chief Executive's Policy Address is likely to outline a much bigger subsidy fund than previously proposed to help cushion the blow. Back in March, the government proposed a HK$17.2 billion fund to subsidise future payments over a 12-year period. Sources said the government was now prepared to boost this fund to around HK$30 billion and to provide the subsidies over a 25-year period. The chairwoman of the Confederation of Trade Unions, Carol Ng, said the help being offered to businesses would come at the expense of workers. She spoke to Ben Tse:
Civic groups to bring up China's human rights abuses with UN  Listenfacebook
Five local civic groups say they will send a delegation to the United Nations in Geneva next week, to urge the international community to put pressure on China over human rights abuses. They include representatives from the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group, and the Confederation of Trade Unions. They said they will bring up the recent crackdown on labour rights activists and the reported detention of hundreds of thousands of Uighurs in Xinjiang. The chairman of the alliance, Albert Ho, spoke to Jim Gould:
More mainland actors expected to come forward to pay owed taxes  Listenfacebook
China analyst, Mark O’Neill, says he expects more mainland film stars to come forward like actress Fan Bingbing to pay taxes that they owe to the government. He said Fan was spared criminal liability because the authorities wanted to make an example of her and collect a lot of tax owed by other actors. He also told Jim Gould that although she has been ordered to pay 880 million yuan in overdue taxes and fines, she can well afford to pay the amount: