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Tide turns in favour of Democrats  Listenfacebook
The executive director of the Hong Kong America Center, Glenn Shive, says the results of the US midterm election have turned the tide in favour of the Democrats. He said one cannot say that they totally rebuked President Donald Trump but they were now in a position to scrutinise his policies. Shive also said voters who cast their ballots for the Democrats felt they wanted checks and balances in place rather than letting Trump have a blank cheque to do whatever he wanted. He spoke to Annemarie Evans:

Pilot scheme launched for undertaking regular exercise  Listenfacebook
The University of Hong Kong says a pilot scheme to encourage students and staff with health problems to undertake regular exercise is showing promise. They've been referred to the university's Centre for Sports and Exercise where 20 lung-cancer patients have already reported an improvement in their health. Dr Michael Tse, who's the centre's assistant director, says a lack of physical activity has been rated as the fourth most prevalent cause of death. But despite that, doctors were often reluctant to refer patients to fitness trainers, so the centre is aiming to take a lead by providing professional sports services for patients. Tse spoke to Jim Gould:
India's capital covered in smog  Listenfacebook
The Indian capital New Delhi has bad air pollution year round. But photographs currently show dense smog that could get even worse during the festival of Diwali as people let off fireworks. Some of those affected by the pollution are now calling on the government to act to avert what they say is a "public health emergency". RTHK’s Delhi correspondent, Murali Krishnan, spoke to Annemarie Evans:
Rugby team starts training in France  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's rugby team has started training in France to prepare for the Rugby World Cup Repechage. After playing two warm-up matches in Wales last week, the SAR squad flew to Marseille, where they will battle Germany, Kenya and Canada for the 20th and final place in Japan 2019. The local lads must top the group to advance. The Hong Kong Rugby Union's Chief Rugby Operations Officer, Dai Rees, spoke to Jim Gould from France: