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Protest-related economic downturn worse than SARS, says CE  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, is warning that months of nonstop protests may hurt Hong Kong's economy worse than SARS did in 2003, and an economic downturn is now hitting the city "like a tsunami." Lam gave no concrete figures to back up her assertion, but explained that the economy is also being affected by the US-China trade war. The embattled leader also attacked the protesters, calling them a small minority of people who don't have a stake in society, who don't mind destroying the economy. LIberal Party leader and lawmaker Felix Chung told Annemarie Evans the CE is absolutely right in her assessment of the economy:
Anti-extradition protesters rally at airport  Listenfacebook
Thousands of protesters once again packed into the airport on Friday to try to rally international support for their anti-extradition movement, on day one of a planned three-day protest. Passengers and tourists arrived to a huge crowd of people dressed in black, chanting slogans calling for universal suffrage and decrying alleged police brutality. While airport officials limited access to the departure hall, protesters were allowed to rally in the arrivals area. Our reporter Frances Sit was at the airport all day, and told Priscilla Ng what it was like there:
Curfew eased partially in Kashmir for Friday prayers  Listenfacebook
A strict curfew keeping residents of Indian-controlled Kashmir in their homes for a fifth day was eased for Friday prayers, even as tensions remain high over the ending of the disputed region's autonomy. But the massive Jama Masjid mosque in Srinagar – a longtime focus for separatist protests – remained closed. The region has been under an unprecedented security lockdown to prevent unrest after the Indian government announced it was revoking Kashmir's special constitutional status and downgrading its statehood. Annemarie Evans asked our India correspondent Murali Krishnan if there's any support for the controversial move: