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‘Carrie Lam needs to listen to people, not talk to them’  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive Carrie Lam has responded to the peaceful mass rally on Hong Kong Island on Sunday by promising to push forward with plans to set up a platform for dialogue with people from all walks of life. But the chief executive is standing firm against all of the protesters' key demands. Annemarie Evans asked Bonnie Leung, the vice-convenor of the Civil Human Rights Front, which organised Sunday's mass rally if the setting up of a dialogue platform was a good first step towards reconciliation in society.
Beijing has set a September deadline for an end to crisis: Michael Tien  Listenfacebook
Roundtable lawmaker Michael Tien on Tuesday said he had heard from a reliable source that the central government has set an early September deadline for the extradition bill crisis here to be resolved. Tien said Beijing does not want to see the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China on October 1 overshadowed by the unrest here. He said the period before the next mass rally at the end of this month is a ‘golden opportunity’ for the government to take action. But Tien told Janice Wong that Beijing's patience will run out - if there's a big turnout for that event.
Concern groups decry plan to build under Kowloon Park  Listenfacebook
Concern groups are calling on the public to oppose plans to develop the space beneath Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui, saying there are much simpler ways to make the area more connected and less congested. According to the proposal, shops, parking spaces, public passageways and community facilities would be built beneath the park. A public engagement exercise closes on Wednesday. Richard Pyne spoke to Designing Hong Kong's Paul Zimmerman about their counter-proposal for easing congestion on the adjacent Haiphong Road.
‘Handing in empty tear gas shells puts you at risk of prosecution’  Listenfacebook
The police have fired more than 1,900 rounds of tear gas since the anti-extradition protests began in June, so it's not unusual to find an empty tear gas shell in areas where clashes have broken out. But what do you do if you find one? A social worker recently tried to return one to a police station but was told by officers that what he did was illegal and inappropriate. According to Billy Li, the convenor of the Progressive Lawyers Group, returning an empty tear gas shell could put you at risk of being arrested for possession of ammunition without a licence. If convicted, the maximum penalty is a 14-year jail sentence and a fine of HK$100,000. He spoke to Janice Wong.