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‘Absolutely no evidence that pets can give humans the coronavirus’  Listenfacebook
Infectious disease experts at the University of Hong Kong are carrying out genetic tests on the coronavirus they extracted from a dog which tested positive for Covid-19. The dog belongs to a patient who contracted the disease earlier. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department say the 17-year-old Pomeranian has tested "weak positive" for the coronavirus. What they want to know now is whether the virus mutated after the dog was infected. It's the first known case of a dog testing positive for Covid-19 in the world. Two other pets have been quarantined here in Hong Kong. Annemarie Evans asked Dr Jane Grey, Chief Veterinary Surgeon at the SPCA what she made of this case.
Fish ponds in Deep Bay ‘like a restaurant’ for little egrets and other species  Listenfacebook
Researchers say they found that some little egrets - a species of small heron - are very loyal to their habitats in Hong Kong. They said that even after migrating a thousand kilometres to the mainland in spring to breed, they returned to Hong Kong for the autumn and winter. The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society put GPS tracking devices on 15 little egrets foraging in the Deep Bay area from 2017. They found that two egrets migrated to farmlands near Hefei in Anhui province in spring, and stayed there for one to four months. But they eventually flew back to the fish ponds in Deep Bay. Ben Tse spoke to Dr Pang Chun-chiu, a senior research specialist from the society about the migratory habits of the little egrets.
US launches air strike on Taliban hours after Trump calls militant group  Listenfacebook
The US military has conducted an air strike against Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, just hours after President Donald Trump said he had had a "very good talk" with a leader of the group. The US signed a deal with the Taliban on Saturday aimed at bringing peace to Afghanistan after years of war. But a US military spokesman said it launched an air strike in response to Taliban fighters attacking Afghan forces in Helmand province. The Taliban called for de-escalation. It was unclear if there were any casualties. Annemarie Evans put it to RTHK's Kabul correspondent Jennifer Glasse that despite the phone call and the peace deal, it seems like business as usual.