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Don't only focus on false allegations, Civil Human Rights Front urges  Listenfacebook
The deputy convenor of the Civil Human Rights Front, Au Nok-hin, says the Independent Police Complaints Council shouldn't only be highlighting false allegations made against police. The IPCC said on Wednesday that it had seen a sharp increase in false allegations made against officers, and warned people against abusing the system. But Au told Annemarie Evans that these cases didn't make up a large proportion of total allegations and the IPCC would be better off looking at other areas of concern.
Don't cross border to eat 'rice birds', says Bird Watching Society  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society's urged Hongkongers against crossing the border to eat yellow-breasted bunting. The songbird, also known as the 'rice bird', has been banned from consumption in the SAR, but remains a popular delicacy in southern China. As a result, the once abundant species is now being hunted to near extinction. It's listed as a critically endangered species now on the IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species. The society's Yu Yat-tung spoke to Richard Pyne.
Rowers traverse Atlantic for mental health and spinal injury research  Listenfacebook
Former Hong Kong resident Peter Robinson and three of his friends are going to be spending Christmas in unusual fashion, in a small boat out in the middle of the Atlantic. And they are undertaking their unsupported bid to row across the ocean from Gran Canaria to Antigua, in the Caribbean, all in the name of charity. They are raising money for the mental health charity, Mind, and for spinal injury research, which has a very personal connection for Peter stretching back to his days of playing youth rugby here. He spoke to Annemarie Evans from the Canary Islands, before the start of their row next week.