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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Amnesty to shut HK offices  Listenfacebook
The government has denied that the national security law erodes freedom in Hong Kong, saying the legislation stipulates that rights will be protected. The Security Bureau said the law was enforced based on evidence, with nothing to do with one's political stance or background. The comments came after the human rights organisation, Amnesty International, announced it would close its two offices in Hong Kong by the end of the year, citing the national security law. Richard Pyne reports:
Second conviction under national security law  Listenfacebook
A man who repeatedly chanted pro-independence slogans last year has been convicted of inciting secession. He's the second person found guilty under Hong Kong's national security law. Frances Sit reports:
Expert calls on govt to let people get boosters shots  Listenfacebook
University of Hong Kong microbiologist Ho Pak-leung has called on the government to let people receive booster shots against Covid-19 as soon as possible if it wants to reopen the border. It comes as health officials comfirmed four imported cases on Monday, involving people who flew in from the Philippines, Ukraine and Denmark. Maggie Ho reports:
HK urged to come up with detailed Covid exit plan  Listenfacebook
The body that represents the international financial services community in Hong Kong has become the latest business group to write to the government over what it calls strict quarantine measures here. The Asia Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association said the measures will lead to unintended consequences, such as putting Hong Kong's status as an international finance centre at risk along with its long-term economic recovery and competitiveness. The group's CEO, Mark Austen, told Samantha Butler that they wanted a more detailed plan and timeline over the city's relaxation of measures:
CE expects smoother governance ahead  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive Carrie Lam says she believes the government will see smoother governance and greater achievement in the next five years. But Carrie Lam also says her comments shouldn't be treated as a re-election bid. The CE election is scheduled for March. Violet Wong reports:
Voting arrangements announced for Legco polls  Listenfacebook
Special Covid-19 arrangements will be made for December's Legislative Council elections, including the setting up of a polling station at the Penny's Bay quarantine centre for those under isolation. But the Electoral Affairs Commission says there'll be no special arrangements for people under home or hotel quarantine. Frances Sit reports:
Alice Mak hopes for smooth voting arrangements  Listenfacebook
Federation of Trade Unions' lawmaker, Alice Mak, says it's too complicated to try and allow people undergoing quarantine to vote in the Legco elections. Mak told Janice Wong that she welcomed the voting arrangements but said she hoped there wouldn't be a repeat of the long queues seen during September's election committee polls as this would discourage people from voting:
Local team finds new sea slugs, coral  Listenfacebook
Biologists from Baptist University have discovered two types of sea slugs, and a new species of hard coral in local eastern waters. The team named the bright orange coral "megacorallita", which means "big skeletal cup", as it's the largest and most structurally-complex corallite among other sun coral species. It's been two decades since the last coral discovery in Hong Kong. Professor Qiu Jianwen, who leads the project, told Natale Ching about the latest discoveries:
Beijing marathon postponed amid Covid fears  Listenfacebook
Organisers of the Beijing marathon say the event this weekend has been postponed until further notice, as the country tries to stamp out a Covid outbreak ahead of the Winter Olympics in February. Damon Pang reports: