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‘Difficult to get people to testify against noisy park users’  Listenfacebook
The government wants to amend regulations to make it easier to prosecute people who make excessive noise in public parks. In papers submitted to the Legislative Council, the government said some groups of singers have been using loudspeakers and amplifiers during performances, and this causes a nuisance to other park users and nearby residents. Currently, someone who makes too much noise in a park can only be prosecuted if someone in the park complains. But the government wants to allow park managers or nearby residents to also serve as witnesses. Ben Tse asked Carine Lai, a senior researcher with Civic Exchange, how effective these changes would be in helping to prosecute park users who make too much noise.
New Ombudsman wants to educate public on office’s role  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's new Ombudsman, Winnie Chiu, said on Thursday she will stay out of any investigation her office undertakes involving her former employer - the police force. Chiu, who was the SAR's first female deputy police commissioner, said while the Ombudsman doesn't have the power to review police operations, it can examine cases where the force is accused of wrongly failing to provide people with information they request. She told Candice Wong that she won't get involved in any such cases that come up, to avoid any possible conflict of interest.
Putin will compare notes with President Xi on North Korea   Listenfacebook
The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Thursday held his first meeting with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, who described the two hours of talks in Vladivostok as meaningful. Kim had agreed to meet the Russian president following his failed summit with President Trump in Vietnam. There's evidence that UN sanctions on North Korea - imposed because of its nuclear and missile programmes - are beginning to bite. Annemarie Evans asked RTHK's Moscow correspondent, Fred Weir what he made of the meeting between the two leaders.