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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Alarm sounds over HK health   Listenfacebook
A government study is ringing alarm bells about the health of Hong Kong people. The results of a survey of 12,000 people - released on Monday - point to between a third and a half of the population - close to three million people - now being classified as either overweight or obese. About one-quarter of respondents suffered from hypertension. The health survey carried out between the end of 2014 and the middle of last year also showed a sharp jump in the number of Hong Kong people who drink alcohol. About 60 percent of respondents admitted drinking regularly or occasionally. That's up from around 33 percent in a government health survey just over a decade ago. Dr Regina Ching is from the government's Centre for Health Protection. Ian Pooler asked her why Hong Kong people are now drinking more:
Oath lawmakers asked to repay salary for months they worked   Listenfacebook
The Legislative Council Commission has been accused of political persecution for asking four disqualified pro-democracy lawmakers to repay their salaries and allowances. The council is demanding full repayment of what they earned in the nine months they served as legislators before the oaths of office they took were ruled invalid. Frances Sit reports:
Women urged to be cautious amid rise in rape cases   Listenfacebook
The Secretary for Security is urging people to be cautious when they go on dates with people they've just met on social media. John Lee sounded the warning after the latest crime figures showed rape and indecent assault complaints jumped 10 percent in the first ten months of this year over the same period in 2016. Police received 56 rape reports up to the end of October, while there were 916 cases of indecent assault. Lee called the rise worrying:
Appeal for EOC to drop sexual harassment conciliation   Listenfacebook
The government has been urged to give the Equal Opportunities Commission more leeway to take sexual harassment cases straight to court, without necessarily going through a mandatory conciliation process first. The call was made at a forum on Monday on sexual harassment in the work place in Hong Kong. One of those taking part in the ongoing discussion is Puja Kapai, a law professor at the Hong Kong University. She spoke to Mike Weeks:
Creative industry still looking for affordable space   Listenfacebook
A little over a month ago, Carrie Lam delivered her maiden Policy Address with a promise to explore new ways of transforming industrial buildings into spaces for local culture and arts initiatives. But since then, one of Hong Kong's most popular live music venues, Hidden Agenda, shut down for good, after a long battle against what it said were unnecessary regulations and red tape. So can the Chief Executive's new approach give new life to struggling groups like Hidden Agenda? Or are the odds too stacked against them? Joanne Wong takes a look: