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Wang Yi’s comments unusual  Listenfacebook
China analyst, Mark O’Neill, says Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s call to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula could be related to Donald Trump now being the US President. Wang said during a press conference on the sidelines of the National People’s Congress annual plenary session in Beijing that South Korea should consider removing its new missile defence system, Thaad, that it recently deployed with the help of the United States. He also said the United States and South Korea should restart talks with North Korea to ease the tensions. O’Neill tells Annemarie Evans that the mainland on its part cannot boycott North Korea as doing so would be very dangerous.
Museum will be good for Hong Kong: DAB party  Listenfacebook
The pro-government DAB party says the building of the Hong Kong Palace Museum will boost tourism and help raise awareness of arts and Chinese culture. Its vice-chairman, lawmaker Holden Chow, says a survey his party conducted showed that 60 percent of the 1,000 respondents supported the building of the museum. Most of them also agreed that it should be constructed at the West Kowloon Cultural District. Chow tells Jim Gould what the respondents think would be the most positive benefits of having the museum in Hong Kong.
Wikileaks publication "scary"  Listenfacebook
The Executive Director of the Hong Kong America Center, Glenn Shive, says the publication by Wikileaks of thousands of confidential documents detailing top-secret hacking tools used by the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) shows the dark side of the internet. The alleged cyber-weapons include malware that targets Android devices and iPhones, as well as Windows and Linux computers. A CIA spokesman said he wouldn't comment on the authenticity or content of the documents. But Shive tells Annemarie Evans that the revelations are scary and would leave individuals, companies, organisations and governments vulnerable without knowing how to counter the problem.

Trump praises new healthcare legislation  Listenfacebook
US President, Donald Trump, has praised what he described as the "wonderful" new healthcare legislation that's been put forward to overhaul so-called "Obamacare". He has been a strong critic of his predecessor's law. But the Democrats believe the new bill will be a retrograde step. Glenn Shive, the Executive Director of the Hong Kong America Center, was asked about his take on the latest development.