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Carrie Lam just paying lip service  Listenfacebook
Land Justice League lawmaker Chu Hoi-dick says the Chief Executive Carrie Lam is just paying lip service by saying that her administration has no plans to challenge the validity of oaths that lawmakers have taken. A hearing will take place in the High Court of July 26 against Chu and Civic Passion legislator Cheng Chung-tai over the way they took their oaths. The pair had chanted slogans during their oath-taking. Chu says six lawmakers from the pan-democratic camp have already been disqualified so far and Lam was being hypocritical by saying there would be no further legal challenges over the oath-taking saga. He tells Annemarie Evans that the whole strategy of challenging the oaths by lawmakers was masterminded by Beijing in order to deal a heavy blow to Hong Kong’s constitutional order.

Schools not enthusiastic about providing sex education  Listenfacebook
The NGO – AIDS Concern – says local schools don’t appear to be enthusiastic about providing sex education to students. Its project director, Mandy Cheung, says her group sent out letters to 450 schools in 2015 offering talks but only one of them responded. She says the government’s guidelines on sex education in schools are vague and have not been amended since 1997. Cheung also tells Priscilla Ng that a survey her group has conducted found that many young women in Hong Kong are putting themselves at risk of sexually transmitted diseases by not asking their partners to wear condoms.
North Korea might react positively  Listenfacebook
RTHK’s Seoul correspondent, Frank Smith, says that there is a good chance that North Korea will react positively to a proposal by South Korea to hold their first military talks since 2015. This follows the recent spate of missile tests by Pyongyang. The South has also called for separate talks on family reunions. Smith speaks to Annemarie Evans.