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Private hospitals don’t have enough beds either  Listenfacebook
Civic Party legislator, Kwok Ka-ki, who is also a doctor, says every bed provided by a private hospital would help ease the over-crowding in public hospitals. But he says its not easy to get a bed in private hospitals either because they too are full. Doctor Kwok accused the past administration of not paying enough attention to the ever-increasing need for beds in public hospitals as the population ages. He also told Annemarie Evans that patients should be encouraged to seek treatment from family doctors, as this would help ease some of the burden on the public hospital system.
Government should “go on the offensive” to deal with flu cases  Listenfacebook
An infectious diseases expert from the University of Hong Kong says the government needs to "go on the offensive" to tackle a surge in flu cases. Dr Yuen Kwok-yung says health officials should give the antiviral drug Tamiflu to elderly care home residents as a preventive measure. He says a vaccination programme is also needed. Yuen told Priscilla Ng that vaccines are the most effective way to treat patients and to reduce the burden on the public healthcare system which the government says is on the verge of collapse because of the surge in flu cases.
Indian musician played guitar during brain surgery  Listenfacebook
An Indian musician has played a guitar on the operating table to help doctors treat involuntary muscle spasms in his fingers. Abhishek Prasad was asked to play every time doctors "burnt" a circuit in his brain to treat what is commonly known as "musician's dystonia". RTHK's Delhi correspondent Murali Krishnan told Annemarie Evans that the man had sought treatment from numerous specialists before, but to no avail.