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New alternative land group to take ‘holistic’ approach  Listenfacebook
Prominent experts and activists from a wide range of different fields have banded together to create a new group, aimed at giving a fresh voice to the debate on land development. The 27 members of the Citizens Task Force – led by District Councillor Paul Zimmerman – say they're not out to oppose a new government group that's just been set up to study the contentious issue. Rather, they want to adopt a more 'holistic' approach to pursue sustainable development. One of the members of the new group, Tom Yam, explained to RTHK's Annemarie Evans why they felt an alternative task force is needed:
New compound promises novel approach in fight against MRSA  Listenfacebook
Local researchers have developed a new drug compound they say could be developed into an entirely new way to fight the antibiotic-resistant bacteria MRSA. Microbiologists from the University of Hong Kong say their drug can effectively de-weaponise the bacteria by depriving them of a key pigment that makes them highly resistant to the human body's natural defences. They say this can hopefully break the escalating arms race where doctors respond to resistant bacteria by using ever-more powerful antibiotics. Dr Richard Kao, who headed the research project, gave Ben Tse more details about their findings:
China backs tougher UN measures against Pyongyang  Listenfacebook
Foreign minister Wang Yi says China will support the United Nations taking further measures against North Korea following its sixth nuclear test on Sunday. But Wang says sanctions and pressure are only half of the key to resolving the issue. The other half, he says, is dialogue and negotiation. The United States, South Korea and Japan want to limit oil supplies to North Korea, most of which go through the mainland. Annemarie Evans asked China analyst Mark O'Neill how far he thinks Beijing is willing to go to push its ally: