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Voting ends in Chief Executive election

2022-05-08 HKT 11:31
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  • Voting ends in Chief Executive election
Voting proceeded smoothly as the almost 1,500-strong Election Committee flocked to the Convention and Exhibition Centre on Sunday morning to vote in the Chief Executive election.

Sole candidate John Lee is virtually assured of victory, and election authorities have promised a quick count before the result is formally announced later on Sunday. The Registration and Electoral Office said 1,428 votes were cast in the 2.5-hour poll, representing a turnout rate of 97.74 percent.

Many election committee members spoke of their expectations for the former Chief Secretary once he takes the helm, stressing that this election marks a fresh start for Hong Kong.

DAB chair Starry Lee said she and her party are hoping that Lee will provide decisive leadership to lead Hong Kong’s recovery from the pandemic.

“I think most of the Hong Kong people will respect the election result today and all people will be looking forward for a new chapter of Hong Kong because we have experienced a lot over the past years,” she said.

“We hope that John can lead Hong Kong especially to successfully fight against the pandemic so that we can resume our normal lives.”

Basic Law Committee vice-chairwoman Maria Tam expressed confidence that Lee can help address some of Hong Kong's most pressing issues.

"People understand that he has been serving Hong Kong for 40 years and have done a great job in his post[s]. And also we know very well what kind of problem we’re facing, so as far as the issues that he has to deal with is concerned, it’s very clear, and we believe he has got the leadership to solve all these problems as much as he can."

Former Independent Police Complaints Council chairman Anthony Neoh stressed the need for unity moving forward.

“One of the most important underlying messages in his platform is that we start a new page -- we are in a new point of history,” he said. “It is important that we should all really gather around his new platform and ensure that we have a society that is in harmony -- loving the country and loving Hong Kong.”

The lone non-establishment member of the Legislative Council, Tik Chi-yuen, said he had also voted for John Lee as a show of unity despite some reservations about ‘inadequacies’ in the candidates’ election platform.

“At this moment we support Mr Lee in this measure. We want to demonstrate that different opinions, different voices can come together and join hands to work for the benefit of Hong Kong.”

Businessman Allan Zeman told reporters he believes Lee is the right man for the job, and his grassroots background will help him empathise with the plight of the disadvantaged. Zeman said he’s looking to Lee to make some quick changes.

“The first 100 days is really changing bureaucracy, making government move quicker,” he said, adding that the government should also work to shorten people’s wait for public housing.

He said the incoming leader should also work to empower young people, “showing youth that there is a future for them here and of course not forgetting international businesses, making sure that the health and economy are balanced.”

There was tight security at the voting venue with police maintaining frequent patrols.

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