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Target media platforms in fake news laws: group

2022-05-29 HKT 18:33
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  • Target media platforms in fake news laws: group
A youth services group on Sunday suggested the authorities to only regulate social media platforms if it plans to legislate against fake news.

The government had said it’s currently looking into introducing new laws to tackle misinformation and disinformation.

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups said such legislation is controversial and should be thoroughly discussed by society.

One of the group’s convenors, Ronald Chan, added that if the government is to push ahead with legislation, the laws should be targeted at social media platforms, which often play a key role in the spread of misinformation and disinformation:

"You need that outlet to spread fake news and then the fake news become socially detrimental," Chan said.

He also pointed out that it’s important to encourage people to do more fact checking.

"Our youth has a good sense of fact-checking, so they know they have to do it, but they seldom go to the fact-check agencies who are the most authoritative and who are the most competent in doing these things."

Chan urged the government to provide better support and resources to fact-checking agencies, such as those set up by universities, to help people distinguish facts and false information.