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Beware of sodium level in prepackaged bread: watchdog

2022-06-15 HKT 16:47
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  • Beware of sodium level in prepackaged bread: watchdog
The Consumer Council on Wednesday advised people to pay attention to sodium levels in some prepackaged breads, saying eating two slices of bread from one brand would already account for around one-fifth of the recommended daily intake limit.

The watchdog said it had tested 28 prepackaged bread products, including 14 white bread and 14 wheat bread samples.

While none of the products were high in sodium, it said three white bread samples and four wheat bread samples exceeded the voluntary sodium reduction targets set by the Centre for Food Safety.

The council’s Lui Wing-cheong said in one case, adults would absorb around one fifth of the recommended daily intake level of sodium by eating just two slices of bread.

"Consuming two slices of the bread sample with the highest detected sodium content per 100 grams would incur a sodium intake equivalent to over 20 percent of the daily intake limit recommended by the World Health Organization," he said.

"If used for making a sandwich with foods higher in sodium, such as cheese or ham, consumers would incur an increased sodium intake unknowingly."

Meanwhile, Lui said none of the bread samples were high in fat or sugar.

But he noted that almost half of the samples didn't have accurate nutritional labels, and urged manufacturers to make the necessary rectifications.