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Power outages hit Yuen Long

2022-06-23 HKT 20:53
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  • Power outages hit Yuen Long
Yuen Long residents reported further power outages in the district on Thursday night, two days after a widespread blackout caused by a cable bridge fire.

Some say their estates were out of power, but some street lights remained lit, and some shops nearby were still operating.

One resident said she was in the middle of cooking dinner when the lights went out.

"I was just cooking, washing vegetables, and all of a sudden, there was a 'pop' sound and then the whole flat went dark. I was quite scared!

"Later, I turned on the torch on my phone to look for candles and to see if the lights were on elsewhere in my estate," she said.

"When I discovered the entire estate was blacked out, I wasn't as scared anymore, because it wasn't only my flat. It took around 20 minutes for the power to come back."

The Fire Services Department reported at least half a dozen cases of people being trapped in lifts during the brief power outage.

Meanwhile, power supplier CLP apologised to affected customers and said some 13,000 households were affected because of unstable power supply around Tai Tong Road at about 8pm.

A spokesperson said around half of the affected households got their power back within ten minutes, after an urgent power supply adjustment. The rest of the people had power restored after half an hour.

He said an initial probe revealed that the latest outage is related to supply instability caused by the cable bridge fire on Tuesday.
Last updated: 2022-06-23 HKT 22:15