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Journalists Association lowers disbandment threshold

2022-06-25 HKT 17:57
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  • Journalists Association lowers disbandment threshold
Members of the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) on Saturday voted to lower the threshold for them to disband the organisation. Only 50 percent of members with voting rights will have to vote in favour, instead of five-sixths.

The HKJA has around 420 members, down from some 800 in 2019 and 600 a year ago.

The association's chairman, Ronson Chan, said he doesn't see why it should have to dissolve, but added that the changes give the group more flexibility to act.

Several media organisations, including Apple Daily, Stand News and Citizen News, have closed in the past year, with some editors being arrested and charged with national security law violations.

Speaking to reporters after the HKJA's general meeting, Chan, who is also a former Stand News reporter, said the continued existence of the association was good for Hong Kong and that he doesn't think he is at risk after being re-elected as chairman.

"Most Hongkongers will know there's a risk to be the chairman of HKJA," he said. "But since I have been exposed to the risk in the past year, it shouldn't make much difference to be the chairman for another year. I always stress if all sides are reasonable, they will understand what HKJA does and its existence is good for Hong Kong. Then I won't consider myself at risk."

Chan also confirmed that the Registry of Trade Unions has again written to the HKJA over some of its past activities. But he declined to give details, saying the body was seeking legal advice on the matter.

He also expressed hope that the HKJA can have a meeting with incoming chief executive John Lee.

Journalists Association lowers disbandment threshold