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Xi Jinping outlines hopes for better governance

2022-07-01 HKT 12:42
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  • Xi Jinping outlines hopes for better governance
President Xi Jinping on Friday directed Hong Kong’s new administration to enhance governance, strengthen the SAR’s development momentum, take solid steps to improve people's livelihoods, and uphold the city's harmony and stability.

In a key speech on Hong Kong, President Xi said Hong Kong is embarking on a new stage in the transition from chaos to order, and from order to greater prosperity.

“Hong Kong faces both opportunities and challenges,” he said, “but there are more opportunities than challenges.”

The president said the SAR government should both improve governance and boost its efficiency.

“The philosophy of administration should be transformed and the relationship between the government and the market better balanced,” he said.

“This is to better promote both a well-functioning government and an efficient market. Government administration and conduct should be improved, so that officials will demonstrate a new level of commitment and satisfactory performance and take on a new look of good governance.”

The president said the new administration should take solid steps to address difficulties in people’s lives, and deliver concrete outcomes to live up to their expectations.

“What the people of Hong Kong desire the most are a better life: a bigger apartment, more business startup opportunities, better education for kids and better elderly care. What the people call for we must strive to deliver,” he said.

President Xi stressed that the government should act with greater resolve to ensure that the fruits of the territory’s development will “reach all people in Hong Kong in a more equitable way.”

In stressing the need for the territory to maintain harmony and prosperity, the president said people here have learned the hard way that “Hong Kong must not be destabilised and cannot afford to seek chaos.”

He expressed the wish that everyone in Hong Kong work together to contribute to the city’s continued development – so long as they genuinely support One Country, Two Systems, love Hong Kong, and abide by the Basic Law.

In particular, he said the community should help young people build better lives.

“When young people thrive, Hong Kong thrives. When young people grow, Hong Kong grows. When there is a future for young people, there is a future for Hong Kong,” he said.

The young, Xi said, should have a heightened sense of national pride, and get the help they need to overcome difficulties in education, finding jobs and buying homes.

The president also said he hopes Hong Kong can strengthen the momentum of its continued development, pledging that the central authorities fully support the territory in “seizing the historic opportunities presented by the country’s development, and in aligning with national strategies such as the 14th Five-Year Plan, the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, and the high quality development of Belt and Road cooperation.”

In concluding his half-hour address at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, President Xi said he is fully confident that the SAR will play a major role in aiding national development.

“Hong Kong – with the strong support of the great motherland, and the solid implementation of the policy of One Country, Two Systems – will surely achieve even greater accomplishments and share together with fellow compatriots of the motherland the glory of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”