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Govt urged to tighten amber code rules for some

2022-08-10 HKT 12:39
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  • Govt urged to tighten amber code rules for some
Infectious disease expert Joseph Tsang on Wednesday urged the government to consider imposing stricter requirements for inbound travellers given an “amber health code”, but have to work at high-risk venues such as elderly homes or hospitals.

Authorities announced earlier in the week that people arriving in Hong Kong will have to spend three nights in hotel quarantine, instead of seven, but will need to be under medical surveillance for four more days.

While they will be given an "amber code" on their LeaveHomeSafe app to restrict their movements during the four-day period, they will be allowed to attend work or go to school.

They will however be required to do repeated PCR tests to minimise transmission risk.

Speaking on an RTHK programme, Tsang said people working at high-risk places should be tested daily instead.

“For people who have to go to work at elderly homes, hospitals or other medical institutions, maybe it’s worthwhile for the government to consider asking them to do PCR tests every day,” he said.

“I think it’s a balance of risks. After all they face weak or ill people, or the elderly and people with impaired immunity.”

Tsang said authorities should also explain how they could make sure the testing requirements are fulfilled and whether failure to do so would result in penalties.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council, Dion Chen, asked the government to clarify the amber-code rules for students who are already double-jabbed.

He noted that students are allowed to attend full-day schools at least 14 days after they receive the second shot of Covid vaccine, and take part in mask-off extra-curricular activities.

However, he said schools are unsure if these rules apply to students who’ve been given the amber code.