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Govt was right to relax border control: Tam Yiu-chung

2022-09-25 HKT 17:42
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  • Govt was right to relax border control: Tam Yiu-chung
Hong Kong's only delegate to the country's top legislature, Tam Yiu-chung, said on Sunday he does not see any conflict between the SAR's external border relaxation and reopening borders with the mainland.

The National People's Congress Standing Committee member noted that mainland officials had stated Hong Kong can make decisions about its external immigration control.

But for lifting border restrictions with the mainland, Tam said that is something to be discussed with mainland officials.

"I think 'zero plus three' is the people's expectation, your demands. The government is listening to people's views...I think [the relaxation] is the right thing to do," Tam told reporters after attending an event.

He said Hong Kong officials should gradually move towards scrapping travel restrictions, noting that they should not go back and forth on the measures, as people would not know what to do.

Tam added that once Hong Kong's epidemic situation stabilises and when the mainland is ready, there would be a larger quota for Hongkongers to travel north.

He added that mainland officials will keep reviewing their anti-Covid policies.

Meanwhile, a former health minister, Ko Wing-man, said he thinks the government made the border control decision based on objective data, including the drop in patients in critical condition, hospitalisation and Covid reproductive rates.

Ko, an executive councillor, said the focus will turn to treating recovered patients who still suffer from the virus’ aftereffects and those with long-Covid.