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Covid-hit Paul Chan denies getting special treatment

2022-11-03 HKT 13:39
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  • Covid-hit Paul Chan denies getting special treatment
Financial Secretary Paul Chan on Thursday rejected the idea that he has been given special treatment, after attending a bankers' summit despite testing positive for Covid.

The government said Chan contracted the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia last week and tested positive via a PCR test after flying back to Hong Kong on Tuesday.

The next day, he attended the Global Financial Leaders' Investment Summit held by the Monetary Authority, with health officials explaining that Chan did not need to be put in isolation as he had recently recovered from Covid and had a low viral load.

"The health authorities looked at my PCR test result, took into consideration the details of my health declaration, also took into consideration the fact that I did not have any symptoms on arrival," Chan told reporters on the sidelines of the summit.

He said other people arriving in the territory after earlier infections have also been allowed to skip isolation.

"The treatment I have been given was the same as anyone, there is no particular privilege at all," said Chan.

The minister also explained why he did not wear a face mask when delivering speeches at the summit.

He said the stage was a good distance from the audience and he had worn a mask at other times.