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Police search for ex-husband after woman dismembered

2023-02-25 HKT 01:24
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  • Police search for ex-husband after woman dismembered
Superintendent Alan Chung
Police on Saturday said a 28-year-old woman was the victim of a brutal murder, and that they had discovered her limbs in a fridge located in a village house in Tai Po.

In the case, which is suspected to involve a dispute over tens of millions of dollars, police said they had arrested three people, including the parents and the elder brother of the victim’s ex-husband, who is also a suspect and on the run.

Police confirmed that their investigation revealed the victim and her former spouse’s family had financial disputes. Officers said the victim's surname was Choi, but did not confirm that she is the missing fashion influencer, Abby Choi.

Officers said they entered a flat in a village house in Lung Mei Village in Tai Po on Friday afternoon. There they found human limbs in a fridge and the victim’s belongings, including her HKID card and credit card.

Superintendent Alan Chung of the crime section Kowloon West Regional Police HQ, who briefed reporters at midnight, said that some of the victim’s body parts were still missing.

“The body parts that we found were inside the refrigerator – there were two legs that belonged to the female,” Chung said.

“We are still looking for the head. There are also other body parts that are missing, for example, the torso area, the hands, so we believe the suspect has already disposed of the body parts already.”

When asked by a reporter about the victim’s identity, Chung did not confirm if she was fashion influencer Abby Choi, who had been missing since Tuesday after last been seen on Fo Chun Road in Tai Po.

Police suspect the murder was carefully planned, with the walls and windows covered with canvas.

In the flat, officers also found tools to dismember a body, including a meat grinder and a chainsaw, as well as raincoats and gloves. They also revealed the home was rented just a few weeks ago.

Police search for ex-husband after woman dismembered