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'Win back people's hearts by telling good stories'

2023-03-07 HKT 09:35
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  • 'Win back people's hearts by telling good stories'
National People's Congress member and former Housing Secretary Frank Chan says the most pressing issue for the SAR government is to win back people’s hearts by telling good stories about the nation.

Chan was speaking on the sidelines of the country's “two sessions” in Beijing, where the annual plenary meetings of China's top political bodies are being held.

“The challenge now we are facing would be the return of people’s hearts," he said. "By saying so, we need to tell more about the truth about our country, the status that we are in.

“We need to let the younger generation know the history about our country, and to let them feel about things happening on the mainland, because seeing is believing.”

He also stressed the need to rebuild ties with youngsters after the social unrest of 2019.

Chan described it as “exciting” and “challenging” to take on his new role as a member of the country’s top legislature.

“We must take issues from the country’s perspective at a height or horizon that is a national level, and to take care of Hong Kong’s needs at the same time,” he said.

“But we have to admit that there is a kind of a need for us to bring the two together from mutual collaboration and be beneficial for both sides, and that’s the challenge that we need to look into.”

In particular, Chan said, the ageing population of the Greater Bay Area highlighted a need for greater support for senior citizens.

“If we could bring the kind of practice into the mainland, particularly in the Greater Bay Area as a pilot [programme], then we would be able to create a new industry in innovative technology research in elderly care, and also eventually improve the safety standard for everyone of us,” he told RTHK.

'Win back people's hearts by telling good stories'