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Police require protesters to wear number badges

2023-03-26 HKT 15:14
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  • Police require protesters to wear number badges
About 80 people marched in Tseung Kwan O on Sunday to protest against a reclamation plan near their home, in the first demonstration authorised by the police since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in 2019.

The protesters marched from Tiu Keng Leng Sports Centre to Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park at around 11am, holding up a banner that said: "oppose reclamation off Tseung Kwan O, no cement plant, no waste treatment plant.”

They said their homes would be adjacent to the proposed reclamation site off Tseung Kwan O Area 132 where the "obnoxious facilities" would be built.

None of the participants wore masks and all had to wear individually numbered badges which stated the date and name of the march, as requested by police.

In a "letter of no objection" to the rally, the police had reminded participants that they must abide by all Hong Kong laws, including the mask ban and the national security law.

One of the organisers, Chan Chin-chun, said he thought the badge requirement was very strict.

"But for this [protest] to go ahead smoothly and for the residents to express their views, [we] had to accept that," he told reporters.

"However, if real name registration had been required, we wouldn't have accepted that."

He said Hong Kong people are capable of organising peaceful demonstrations, saying there was no need for too many restrictions.

In response, the Development Bureau said it respected people's right to express their views, and that it has been meeting residents in the area to discuss the reclamation plans.

Officials added they would ensure no nuisance would be caused to the neighbourhood.

Police require protesters to wear number badges