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Macron 'counting on Xi to reason with Russia'

2023-04-06 HKT 17:04
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  • Macron 'counting on Xi to reason with Russia'
French President Emmanuel Macron told President Xi Jinping on Thursday that he knows he can count on China to reason with Russia and bring everyone back to the negotiating table over the war in Ukraine, while Xi said China and France "have the ability and responsibility" to maintain world peace and stability.

Macron made the remarks during a state visit to Beijing while meeting with Xi.

"The Russian aggression in Ukraine has dealt a blow to (international) stability," Macron told Xi. "I know I can count on you to bring back Russia to reason and everyone back to the negotiating table."

President Xi, meanwhile, hailed China's close ties with France as the world undergoes "profound historical changes".

He said relations between the countries were "positive and steady", adding: "The world today is undergoing profound historical changes."

The president called on the two countries to “transcend differences and shackles" when it comes to world peace, stability and prosperity.

“Changes and chaos have been intertwined with each other in terms of international situation in the past three years or so. With the joint efforts of both sides, Chinese-French relations have maintained a positive and steady momentum of development. We’ve maintained frequent and high-quality strategic communication through various methods online and offline,” Xi said.

In a meeting with Premier Li Qiang earlier, the French leader said he wanted to talk about Ukraine as well as "all the major conflicts and the difficult situations around the world.”

“The ability to share a common analysis and build a common path is essential,” Macron said.

The meeting will “send positive signals of concerted efforts by China, France and Europe to maintain world peace and stability,” Li said.

Macron said on Wednesday he will push for “working in partnership” with China on climate. He said France will organise a global conference on the protection of oceans in 2025 and said China should be part of these efforts. (Agencies)

Macron 'counting on Xi to reason with Russia'