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Covid has reached its peak: acting health chief

2023-05-24 HKT 16:35
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  • Covid has reached its peak: acting health chief
Acting Health Secretary Libby Lee said on Wednesday that Covid has reached its peak, and the number of infections will gradually come down.

Speaking at a Legislative Council meeting, Lee said although the number of hospitalised Covid patients increased from 1,300 per week in late April to over 2,000 in early May, their conditions were mostly mild.

"In terms of sewage and laboratory surveillance, it shows that the Covid situation has reached its peak,” she added.

The acting health chief also brushed aside lawmaker Kitson Yang’s suggestion for the government to reopen designated Covid clinics.

"For upper respiratory tract infections, we don't normally have designated clinics. Instead, the [approximately] 70 general out-patient clinics will be looking after patients in this category," she explained.

"But I must emphasise one point that whether it be Covid or flu, the best prevention is getting vaccinated. This can make the symptoms milder and the number of consultations can be reduced.”