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Civic Party to disband after 17 years

2023-05-27 HKT 18:12
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  • Civic Party to disband after 17 years
Civic Party chairman Alan Leong on Saturday said they had passed a resolution to disband the party, and that they have appointed a liquidator.

Speaking to reporters after a special members' meeting, Leong said all but one of 31 members in attendance gave their consent to liquidation. There was one abstention.

He said they saw the liquidation coming, as there had not been any valid nomination for a new chairman or executive committee members.

"It's a writing on the wall," said Leong. "Because there is no one taking over."

He said the liquidator is taking control of the party from Sunday, and the provisional executive committee will be stripped of all powers.

Leong said the members also passed a resolution to donate any remaining assets to charity. He said the party does not own any properties but has five-figure funds.

Founded in 2006, the Civic Party mostly consisted of barristers and other professionals. It had six seats in the legislature at its peak.

During the anti-extradition protests, the party's legislators – including Dennis Kwok and Alvin Yeung – were criticised by the liaison office.

Several members were later charged with subversion for taking part in an unofficial primary vote for the 2020 Legco elections. Multiple members later quit the party.

Civic Party to disband after 17 years