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Heat stroke hits one of HK's giant ducks

2023-06-10 HKT 16:27
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  • Heat stroke hits one of HK's giant ducks
Hong Kong's giant pair of visiting ducks is now a solo act after organisers deflated one as a precaution after just a few hours on display.

The two huge yellow ducks, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, were supposed to be on display for two weeks. However, one of them was deflated at around 1 pm.

The organisers said that they had deliberately let the air out of the duck during an inspection as a precaution because the rubber was stretched from the hot weather.

They said it had to be repaired. The other duck is in a stable condition and will remain on show as planned.

The news came as a surprise to spectators who'd turned up to view the giant waterfowl. Some happily took selfies with the remaining duck, but others felt let down.

"I was a bit disappointed when I got here to see there was only one, because I saw the one that was here before 10 years ago, so I was expecting to see two of them," said an onlooker, who identified herself as Tracy.

"I was a bit sad cause I don't know if I will be able to come back and see them again."

Another visitor, Sohail, was undeterred, and enjoyed the atmosphere and crowds.

"When I came here and to see one and the other one is not blown up, I was like shocked. I don't know what happened it. Not disappointed, still happy," he said.

"At least, one is here I can see, so it's good to see here so many people here in the Tamar Park."

Heat stroke hits one of HK's giant ducks