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'Night Vibes HK not zero-sum game with the mainland'

2023-09-15 HKT 12:45
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  • 'Night Vibes HK not zero-sum game with the mainland'
Deputy Financial Secretary Michael Wong on Friday said a new campaign to revitalise Hong Kong's nightlife is not a "zero-sum" game.

Speaking on an RTHK radio programme, Wong stressed the "Night Vibes Hong Kong" initiative will attract not only local people but also mainland residents to come here and spend money.

Amid the trend of Hongkongers taking trips across the border to places like Shenzhen, he said while local people can choose to stay here or travel to Shenzhen, mainlanders can choose to visit the SAR as well.

Wong also said the campaign announced on Thursday featuring a wide range of activities such as weekend night bazaars, evening performances, free entry to the Happy Valley Racecourse and discounted film screenings would help local businesses, rather than hurting them.

"We do not want to compete with existing restaurants or shops for business, but we hope to attract more people to go out by organising shows and activities. It doesn't matter if people spend as long as they are happy... but people tend to spend when they are out and about," he said.

On how the campaign will be assessed, Wong said authorities would focus on its social impact – whether the events make the streets lively and people happy – instead of "quantifying" the economic benefits generated.

Meanwhile, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung said the Tourism Board will be working with businesses on Temple Street to help boost the popular night market.

'Night Vibes HK not zero-sum game with the mainland'