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John Lee focuses on housing during visit to Yuen Long

2023-09-17 HKT 12:51
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  • John Lee focuses on housing during visit to Yuen Long
Chief Executive John Lee said on Sunday that land and housing would be one of the priorities in his forthcoming policy address, in light of the views he has gathered during his visits to local communities.

He visited a family of four living in a 100-square-foot subdivided flat in Yuen Long before chatting with pedestrians at a busy street market and diners at a restaurant.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Lee said he hoped the light public housing and transitional housing initiatives would improve the living conditions of the underprivileged.

"We will consolidate and implement the land and housing policies we have put in place, but every time we consult people - especially during neighbourhood visits - there are things that people are particularly concerned about," he said.

"After listening to them, I would know what the priority is and how resources should be allocated. But land and housing are certainly issues that the government will focus on in the long term."

Lee said he was motivated by the supportive reaction of the people he met.

"They're generally very encouraging, and they gave positive feedback on the government's local administration - including sanitation, street obstruction, order and traffic control," he said.

"I thanked them but also told them there's always room for improvement when it comes to local administration, and I asked them to tell us any opinion they might have."

Passers-by who chatted and took pictures with the Chief Executive at the Yuen Long San Street market told RTHK they were delighted to meet him in person.

"He said we could tell various government departments if we had any requests. I'm glad he came to Yuen Long and I can see him," said a woman surnamed Leung.

Lee was accompanied by several officials, including Deputy Chief Secretary Warner Cheuk, Housing Secretary Winnie Ho and Secretary for the Environment and Ecology Tse Chin-wan.

On Friday, the CE visited Tsuen Wan and listened to the concerns of residents, especially the elderly.

John Lee focuses on housing during visit to Yuen Long