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Govt 'making complete rule of law education system'

2023-12-04 HKT 12:27
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  • Govt 'making complete rule of law education system'
Justice Secretary Paul Lam said on Monday that officials have been working on a complete rule of law education system in Hong Kong, so the public can have a proper understanding of the matter.

At a ceremony for Constitution Day, the minister said part of the aim is to groom young people's respect for the rule of law in everyday life.

Lam said officials will continue to promote learning about the Constitution, the Basic Law and national security, to pass on and advance patriotism.

"Youngsters are the future, the successors of the One Country, Two Systems principle. So there's a need to groom their national awareness and identity since childhood, strengthen the education on the country's history, culture and current condition on different levels," he told members of the disciplined forces at the ceremony.

The minister said the Department of Justice has launched a course on training leaders on rule of law education to promote the concept in the community, and that the leaders can become rule of law ambassadors to help tell a good Hong Kong story.

He stressed that as Chinese people, Hongkongers should comprehensively understand and respect the Constitution, and the SAR can only continue to bring to play its unique advantages by defending the Constitution's spirit and complying with the rule of law.

Govt 'making complete rule of law education system'