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New bins cause more work for us: cleaners

2023-12-05 HKT 15:32
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  • New bins cause more work for us: cleaners
Street cleaners say they are worried that the introduction of newly designed rubbish bins will mean more work for them, as they seem to have smaller holes and people may end up discarding their trash next to the bins.

The Environmental Protection Department is testing hundreds of orange-coloured bins that have oblong holes which it says are similar in size to those of the existing bins.

But some street cleaners say the holes are not big enough.

"You can put one styrofoam box but not two through the hole. If they can't put the rubbish in, they'll just put it next to the bin," one cleaner said, adding that she has to empty the bins more frequently now that they are slimmer and have a smaller capacity.

However, she noted that the new bin cover opens on the side, so she does not have to lift the whole cover up to replace the bags inside.

The new bins also allow cleaners to empty the ash trays more easily.

The department said it will evaluate whether the bins need to be improved after the trials are concluded, before giving a final design to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department as well as the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

New bins cause more work for us: cleaners