'Govt does not focus only on national security' - RTHK
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'Govt does not focus only on national security'

2023-12-06 HKT 12:32
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  • 'Govt does not focus only on national security'
Chief Executive John Lee has dismissed the idea that his government focuses on national security and nothing else, saying anyone making such a ridiculous claim would be engaging in "soft resistance".

Some people are also putting up "soft resistance" under the pretence of criticising economic and housing policies, he told RTHK's "Overview Policy" programme.

Lee said while the administration is bound to have blind spots and some people have correctly pointed them out, some allegations against the government are just untrue.

"Some people may put up 'soft resistance', deliberately saying the government only focuses on a certain aspect like national security, and ignores the others. That's ridiculous," Lee said.

"Look at my policies. There are policies on national security, but most of them are not about national security."

On this weekend's district council elections, Lee said that when deciding who to vote for, people should consider how much the candidates know about their community and whether they are hardworking.

Future district councillors should not make "political noise", he said.

"Minds should be unified... we are not making political noise anymore. They have to think about serving the community."

'Govt does not focus only on national security'