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Govt continues to work with industry to boost economy

2023-12-07 HKT 17:22
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  • Govt continues to work with industry to boost economy
Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung on Thursday said the government will continue to take the lead in promoting local spending, adding that this is a matter for the whole of society.

Speaking to reporters after attending a meeting with representatives from the catering, retail, shopping mall and transport sectors, Yeung said that relevant government departments will continue to organise events in the future.

After the district council elections, district officers will organise distinctive events in each area, Yeung said, adding that the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau will also continue to organise large-scale cultural and sporting events.

Yeung said members at the meeting all agreed that promoting the economy is the responsibility of the whole of society, and that the participation of industry is very important.

“During the meeting, industry representatives told us that they have been offering a lot of discounts to attract tourists in various shopping malls, individual retail stores and restaurants. We believe that there will be even more of these in the future, including more activities in shopping malls,” he said.

“In addition, everyone in the industry feels that they need to work harder. They also understand that there will be competition in a commercial society. If everyone works hard and finds a good direction and method, we will all see that there are shops in the market with long queues… This requires everyone to work together. The government will continue to create a good environment and organise more large-scale events.”

Yeung said the government will jointly organise a number of events with the Tourism Board, including a countdown fireworks display on New Year's Eve and fireworks displays and parades during Chinese New Year.

Govt continues to work with industry to boost economy