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Hospitals 'well-prepared for cross-border flu spread'

2023-12-08 HKT 13:24
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  • Hospitals 'well-prepared for cross-border flu spread'
The Hospital Authority on Friday said it is well-prepared for a surge in hospital admissions, amid possible cross-border transmission of influenza.

The authority said overall local influenza activity remains low, but the virus may pose a threat to the public health system at a later date.

Dr Larry Lee, a chief manager with the authority, said hospitals would look into providing more beds and sending patients to units with lower demand.

“No matter the influenza, mycoplasma or anything, I think cross-border spread will be a possibility to be a threat to Hong Kong’s healthcare system,” he said.

“But we are prepared. We have multiple measures and try to avoid our healthcare system to be overwhelmed.”

Dr Lee Kwok-piu from Eastern Hospital said more children are catching flu than in previous years, with the occupancy rate of paediatric units reaching 97 percent.

“Perhaps in this particular year, we see more patients with multiple viruses attacking our children, not only influenza, but also other viruses such as rhinovirus, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus. That’s leading to persistently high occupancy rates in paediatrics,” he said.

The authority said it will provide flu and Covid tests for patients who have symptoms.

Hospitals 'well-prepared for cross-border flu spread'