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'New police storybook focuses on scam prevention'

2024-02-16 HKT 00:11
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  • 'New police storybook focuses on scam prevention'
Police will be distributing a picture book to about 1,000 kindergartens as part of efforts to educate children about fraud prevention.

The book, designed and illustrated in collaboration with the Education University's Department of Early Childhood Education, raises awareness of scams and frauds with a particular focus on phone scams.

It features the force’s anti-scam mascot “Little Grape” as the main character. In one of the stories, Little Grape confronts a wolf pretending to be its aunt. The wolf calls Little Grape and tries to lure him to a park.

Chief Inspector Mak Po-yi explained that the visuals in the book make it easy for children to understand how to deal with and avoid scams.

“The illustrations...actually provide clues for young children to observe and guess the plot, nurturing their observation and thinking skills and helping them recognise the concept of deception,” she told RTHK.

“We must lay the groundwork early and cultivate a strong sense of scam awareness in the next generation.”

She added that it would be optional for schools to use the book.

"We chose this approach because we have noticed that there are not many storybooks that focus on scam prevention. Therefore our aim is to create this storybook as a medium to assist the education sector in teaching young children about the concept of scam prevention," she said.

Officers will further promote awareness over scams at a carnival from February 17 to 23 at the West Kowloon Art Park. The event will feature storytelling sessions, game booths, as well as drone and magic performances.

'New police storybook focuses on scam prevention'