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CE says Xia values HK as a global business city

2024-02-26 HKT 17:57
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  • CE says Xia values HK as a global business city
Chief Executive John Lee on Monday said top Beijing official Xia Baolong values the SAR as an international city and wants to know more about its economic development.

On the fifth day of his ongoing visit to the SAR, Xia, who's the director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, led a study team to hold discussions with local and overseas business groups.

"The study team attaches great importance to the status of Hong Kong as an international city, and wants to hear the views of local and foreign chambers," Lee told reporters.

"Hong Kong, let me be clear, will continue to serve as an international financial centre and global city. We will continue to leverage Hong Kong's One Country, Two Systems framework, enjoy the unwavering support of the motherland, while being closely connected to the world at large."

The CE added that a few representatives of chambers expressed their support for planned Basic Law Article 23 national security legislation during the meeting.

Wilhelm Brauner, chairman of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong & Macau, expressed confidence in the SAR's rule of law.

"Law and order is important for business and we have that today in Hong Kong. Having been here for a long time, I was also witness to times when there were situations on the streets that they don't give confidence, when they are blasted all over the globe," he said.

"The Basic Law Article 23 is part of the law. The Basic Law has been around for decades now. So, any implementation will go through its process. And then we will see how it is practically handled. And with the rule of law tradition of Hong Kong, I have confidence that it will be handled accordingly."

Chairman of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce Dato' Gan Khai Choo said Southeast Asian businesses are very confident about the city's prospects.

"In Malaysia and in Singapore, before independence during colonial days, there were already strict security laws. And we realised that after the recent announcements, our business and our friends from Malaysia and from Southeast Asia are very confident to return to Hong Kong as tourists, as businessmen, and continue to stay here," he said.

CE says Xia values HK as a global business city