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Label issued to "smart and safe" construction sites

2024-05-20 HKT 15:46
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  • Label issued to "smart and safe" construction sites
The Development Bureau and Construction Industry Council have launched a new programme to encourage the use of the Smart Site Safety System on construction sites, with applications open on Monday.

Sites that successfully implement the system, which includes features like centralised management platforms, monitoring devices for frontline staff and electric locks for hazardous areas, would now be recognised with a label.

Speaking at the launch ceremony of the programme, Development Secretary Bernadette Linn explained the participation rate for the safety system, especially for private sites, was still relatively low, and such labels were believed to increase their safety awareness.

“The programme aims to encourage more construction sites to adopt the Smart Site Safety System by providing them with a label, or a ‘plaque’, to identify and facilitate monitoring of those sites that have properly installed and applied the system,” she said.

“We estimate that the first batch of about 100 construction sites will receive the label by July this year. With an estimated minimum of 500 sites participating, we hope to have all labels issued by the end of the year, covering over 60 percent of all construction sites.”

She said such labels would be displayed at strategic spots outside the construction sites for recognition.

“In other words, everyone will know which sites have such labels. For sites that don’t have such labels. Obviously relevant government departments will pay more attention during their usual inspections. And the construction industry will know which sites haven’t implemented the Smart Site Safety System. I believe this will create a certain pressure,” she said.

Linn added that sites should still be cautious even if they have been issued the “plaque”, saying it could still be scrapped if they don't perform site safety properly.

Label issued to "smart and safe" construction sites