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HK to host over 200 mega events this year: CE

2024-05-21 HKT 11:05
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  • HK to host over 200 mega events this year: CE
Hong Kong is set to host dozens more mega events this year which were expected to draw millions of visitors, Chief Executive John Lee announced on Tuesday.

The city's leader also said arts and culture shows, sports competitions, trade exhibitions and financial summits would be among the more than 100 events held in the latter half of the year, including brand new ones such as a performing arts expo and a fashion design week.

“The total number of mega events over the year is increased from 150 to [over] 210. That means there will be [at least] one mega event every two days," he told reporters ahead of the weekly Executive Council meeting.

“We think that these mega events will attract about 1.7 million visitors. They will bring with them about HK$7.2 billion, which is about HK$4.3 billion in economic gain.”

Lee also said Hong Kong welcomed more than 14 million visitors in the first four months, double from the same period a year ago, and that there was a surge of tourists coming from the United States, Canada and Indonesia.

"We reckon that for every 1.5 million visitors, there will be a 0.1 percent growth in GDP. For long-term stay visitors, they will bring even a higher percentage point in growth of our GDP," he said.

The CE added his administration would seek more measures from Beijing that benefits the SAR, including raising the duty-free goods allowance for mainland tourists.

Shaman Chellaram, a senior director in valuation and advisory services at the investment management firm Colliers, said the strong Hong Kong dollar had discouraged people from visiting, as it is more expensive for tourists to travel to the city.

However, Chellaram said these mega events could offer tourists a variety of new experiences and attractions.

"People are always attracted to exciting things. And what we're seeing in the market at the moment is that the global travel trend is geared towards more experiences. And if those mega events that the city has planned out for the rest of the year can really curate a unique experience, then that will really lead to a jump in tourism numbers," he told RTHK.

Chellaram also believed that having mega events would boost the local tourism industry by bringing in more visitors to the SAR.
Last updated: 2024-05-21 HKT 17:47

HK to host over 200 mega events this year: CE