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Govt announces strategy on hydrogen development

2024-06-17 HKT 17:57
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  • Govt announces strategy on hydrogen development
The government on Monday announced its strategy on hydrogen development, saying it is to address climate change and help achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

At a ceremony, officials said 14 trial projects are in the pipeline, such as using hydrogen to power street-cleaning vehicles and to generate electricity.

Environment Secretary Tse Chin-wan said the strategy is an important milestone that will help build a carbon-free city.

“When we are pursuing carbon neutrality, it is necessary for us to acquire what we call the zero-carbon energy in order to support the green transition. Hydrogen is one of the zero-carbon energies,” he said.

“We believe that hydrogen has a great potential to develop a new green economy in Hong Kong, because its production, its storage and also its application in different sectors will enhance the employment of labour and the setting up of new industry,” he said.

Tse added that changes to the law will be proposed in the first half of next year to ensure safe storage and supply of the highly combustible gas.

The SAR already has a hydrogen double-decker bus and the MTR will trial a hydrogen-powered light rail vehicle later this year.

Govt announces strategy on hydrogen development