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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Ian Pooler


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Compromise offered on threshold for elderly welfare   Listenfacebook
The government is said to have floated a compromise to its plan to raise the age for elderly welfare payments to 65 amid near universal opposition to the move among lawmakers. Sources said the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, proposed a new allowance for people aged 60 to 64, if they can prove they can't find work. This is said to have come during talks on Thursday with legislators, from which the pan-democrats were excluded. Wendy Wong reports:
Government charged with sacrificing public health for development   Listenfacebook
The Clean Air Network has accused the government of sacrificing public health for economic development. The environmental group said improvements in Hong Kong's air quality have stagnated in recent years. It also said the government was setting easily achievable air quality targets so construction projects aren't held up by environmental concerns. The network's chief executive, Patrick Fung, told Richard Pyne that the dense smog Hong Kong had to endure last week, as the government presented its analysis of air quality, is not something people should have to get used to:
Child abuse case ‘shows’ need for carer help   Listenfacebook
A charity for vulnerable children says the jailing of two women on Thursday over the horrific abuse of a young girl with behavioural problems highlights the need to help carers of such children. The women were jailed for more than two-and-a-half years each for beating the four-year-old so badly she suffered a brain haemorrhage. They were looking after the girl for two weeks for her mother at the time. Psychiatrist May Lam sits on the board of the charity, Variety Hong Kong. Annemarie Evans asked her if she thought the sentences handed down to the women were appropriate:
Unquestioning support needed for families of suicidees   Listenfacebook
Offering condolences to someone who's just lost a loved one is never easy, and when the death is the result of suicide, it can be even harder to find the right words. Researchers from the University of Hong Kong's social work department say it's best just to offer support. They've carried out a study on people who've gone through the ordeal of losing a family member in this way, and found that they most dislike being asked the reasons behind the suicide. One of the researchers, Dr Amy Chow, spoke to RTHK’s Ben Tse:
Zhao Ziyang’s home under tight security   Listenfacebook
Security around the Beijing family home of late state leader Zhao Ziyang has been tightened as colleagues of the former premier turn up to pay their respects on the 14th anniversary of his death. Three decades on from the Tiananmen Square massacre, Zhao’s relatives say security around their house hasn't been this tight for many years. Altis Wong reports:
HK ‘must stay’ on high alert over swine flu   Listenfacebook
The government says a dead pig, which washed ashore on a Cheung Chau beach on Thursday, was not infected with African swine fever. Still, fears about the outbreak across the border are not going away as scores of pigs are culled on the mainland. The outbreak in China has now lasted for months. Ian Pooler asked Dr Dirk Pfeiffer, chair professor at the Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health at City University, how much of a threat is really posed by potentially-infected pig carcasses washing up on the shores of Hong Kong: