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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Ian Pooler


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Plan to amend fugitive laws runs into a road block   Listenfacebook
The government's bid to rush through controversial amendments to the extradition laws has got off to a rocky start. The initial meeting of a Legislative Council committee formed to vet the proposed changes ended on Wednesday without completing its first order of business: to choose a chairman. The government has accused the pan-democrats of resorting to delaying tactics, something the opposition camp denies. Candice Wong reports:
Business group offers conditional support for ad hoc extraditions   Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Business Community Joint Conference has offered its backing for the amendments to the fugitive laws, on condition that suspects should only be handed over for offences punishable by prison terms of at least seven years. The government recently set the threshold at three years behind bars in a bid to ease concerns of Hong Kong executives. But the group, which represents almost 70 business associations, says one-off extraditions should only be considered for the most serious crimes, like murder or huge corruption. Barrister and former lawmaker Margaret Ng says the idea won't solve the fundamental problem with the extradition plan, how to ensure people who are handed over receive a fair trial. Ian Pooler asked the conference’s convenor Chan Kei-biu how he’d respond to that:
Labour Department told to review its job-matching services   Listenfacebook
The Director of Audit has called on the Labour Department to carry out a comprehensive review of its services, after finding the number of people registering with it to find work plunged 70 percent between 2008 and 2017. Job referrals and placements fell by about half in the past four years, while visits to job centres were down by about a fifth between 2016 and last year. Veteran unionist Lee Cheuk-yan told Jim Gould he agrees with the auditor that the government needs to refocus its efforts, to provide employment services that match the times:
Auditor calls for higher parking fees and reduced parking time   Listenfacebook
The Director of Audit has told the government it needs to increase parking-meter fees and reduce parking time at them if it hopes to meet its target for available on-street spaces for vehicles. He also criticised the government's policy over the past decade or so of licensing more and more cars without ensuring they have anywhere to park. Maggie Ho has the details:
Room shortage keeps HK as costliest business destination in Asia   Listenfacebook
Hong Kong has once again been rated the most expensive business trip destination in Asia. Consultancy firm ECA International says business travellers spend an average of US$515 a day in the city, including on hotels, slightly more than Tokyo. But globally, Hong Kong comes in at 19th, with New York still the most expensive business destination worldwide. Janice Wong asked ECA's regional director for Asia, Lee Quane, about the other cities that make up the 18 most pricey for business travellers: