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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ian Pooler


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Police urged to take action against Junius Ho  Listenfacebook
22 pro-democracy lawmakers issued a joint statement on Monday, calling on police to take action against pro-establishment legislator Junius Ho. Ho made comments at a rally the day before, essentially saying people who advocate Hong Kong's independence from the mainland should be "killed mercilessly". Pan-democrats condemned his remarks as cold-blooded and illegal, saying he was directly encouraging violence. The legislators also said Ho's comments exceeded the limits of freedom of expression and moral standards, and he was in breach of the professional conduct expected from a lawyer and legislator. The statement from the pan-democrats came after the Secretary for Justice, Rimsky Yuen, sought to play down the significance of Ho's comments. Maggie Ho reports:
Govt. welcomes resumption of paper recycling  Listenfacebook
The government says it is looking into the feasibility of developing a manufacturing industry in Hong Kong to deal with recyclables and waste. A deputy director of the Environmental Protection Department, Vicki Kwok, was discussing long-term plans for Hong Kong's recycling industry, which faces an impending crisis after the mainland banned the import of 24 types of waste. The ban takes full effect by the end of the year. To pressure the government to address their concerns, local paper recyclers held a three-day work stoppage. Kwok told Samantha Butler the government welcomed the end of the strike action:
Henry Tang named WKCDA board chairman  Listenfacebook
The former Chief Secretary Henry Tang has been named the new chairman of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority. His appointment starts in October and marks the first time a non-government official has been appointed chairman. Wendy Wong reports:
Surprise over Henry Tang’s appointment  Listenfacebook
Civic Party lawmaker Tanya Chan says Tang’s appointment as chairman of the West Kowloon arts hub means the project is now less under the control of the government, making it less accountable to the public and more difficult for legislators to monitor. Chan, who is the deputy chairman of the Legislative Council's subcommittee to monitor the implementation of the project, told Ian Pooler of her surprise at Tang’s appointment:
Cocktail of drugs found in concert victims  Listenfacebook
Authorities reportedly found traces of illicit drugs in urine samples taken from four concert-goers who passed out at a music festival on Saturday, leaving one dead and the other three in a critical condition in hospital. Timmy Sung reports:
KMB unveils first bus fitted with solar panels  Listenfacebook
Kowloon Motor Bus showed off its first bus on Monday that has been fitted with solar panels. The panels will not power the bus, but can provide enough electricity to charge passengers' gadgets, and cool down the bus when it is sitting idle. The bus company says it is looking to kit out more of its double-decker buses with solar panels. Joanne Wong went to have a look: