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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler



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Selected audio segments:
Umbrella: Evolution (part one)   Listenfacebook
Two years after the Umbrella Movement, one of the student activists who spearheaded the protests is returning to Admiralty. But instead of camping out and addressing crowds from an impromptu stage in the middle of Harcourt Road, Nathan Law will be speaking inside the Legislative Council as a representative of the people of Hong Kong Island. The movement failed to convince the government here or in Beijing to give in to protestors' demands, but it has convinced hundreds of thousands to seek change through the ballot box. Richard Pyne reports:
Protection ends for Causeway Bay bookseller   Listenfacebook
Causeway Bay bookseller Lam Wing-kee says he's asked the police to stop protecting him round-the-clock. He made the revelation in an interview with RTHK. Janice Wong reports:
Over 90% of the world breathing dirty air   Listenfacebook
The World Health Organization says nine out of ten people in the world are now breathing poor quality air. The shocking statistic was contained in a new report from the UN's global health body, which is calling for drastic action to tackle air pollution that's blamed for more than six million deaths a year. It looked at data collected from more than 3,000 sites across the globe, and concluded that 92 percent of the world's population lives in places where air pollution levels exceed WHO limits. Patrick Fung is Clean Air Network's Campaign Manager. Mike Weeks asked him if he was surprised by the findings of the report:
Call for school eye-screening programme   Listenfacebook
A study by Polytechnic University optometrists estimates that about 17,000 Hong Kong secondary school students may be suffering from a condition that can lead to permanent visual impairment. George Woo is an Emiritus Professor from the Poly-U's School of Optometry. Ian Pooler asked him what condition he’s talking about:
Clinton scores in first presidential debate   Listenfacebook
Opinion polls suggest Donald Trump lost the first debate in the US presidential race. But the Republican candidate has defended his performance amid criticism from within his own party that he failed to properly prepare for the debate and failed to attack the weaknesses of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. After the debate, Trump complained he was asked the wrong questions and that his microphone didn't work properly. Mike Weeks asked the Voice of America's National Correspondent Jim Malone if this just demonstrated how badly he performed: