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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ian Pooler


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Selected audio segments:
CE condemns calls to ‘kill’ advocates of HK independence  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, says "unacceptably cruel, insulting and intimidating comments" have been made recently that have crossed the line of a civilised society. That was her response when asked what she thought of pro-establishment lawmaker Junius Ho apparently calling for those who advocate Hong Kong's independence from the mainland to be killed. As Frances Sit reports, the Chief Executive also rejected suggestions that she had put pressure on university chiefs to issue a joint statement condemning Hong Kong independence:
Patten calls for dialogue over HK independence  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's last governor Chris Patten has called for dialogue in the dispute over Hong Kong independence, warning that failure to do so could result in students becoming more radical. Timmy Sung reports:
Scheme to provide low-cost flats for the needy  Listenfacebook
A pilot scheme aimed at addressing the housing needs of low-income families has been launched. Under the scheme, non-governmental organisations will run hundreds of low-cost, temporary homes to be rented out to needy individuals and families, especially those who have been on the public housing waiting list for years. Wendy Wong reports:
Digital media ban lifted  Listenfacebook
Restrictions preventing internet-based media from covering government events are being lifted after several years of complaints by online outlets. But officials are warning that reporters are going to have to behave themselves. Damon Pang reports:
Occupy nine case adjourned until January  Listenfacebook
The District Court has adjourned the case of nine leading Occupy movement figures to January next year, to deal with a complaint from the lawyer for the three Occupy organisers about what he calls "a prosecution overkill". Maggie Ho reports:
Timeshare marketing company named and shamed  Listenfacebook
The Consumer Council has named and shamed a timeshare marketing company, Great Time Universal, which forced people to sit through sales pitches for hours and pressured them into buying expensive holiday packages. As Joanne Wong reports, people had their ID cards taken off them before being subjected to loud thumping music, and the holidays never even materialised:
Consumer watchdog calls for more surveillance on timeshare firms  Listenfacebook
The Consumer Council's Chief Executive, Gilly Wong, attributes the spike in complaints against Great Time Universal to consumers letting down their guard against such malpractice. Wong told Ian Pooler that the timeshare business did not appear to be widespread in Hong Kong. But she hoped the Consumer Council could warn off both consumers and traders from the high-pressure tactics:
HK schools lag behind in developing ‘future skills’  Listenfacebook
New Zealand tops a global index in terms of preparing the next generation with future skills, followed by Canada and Finland. Singapore is the best-performing Asian economy on the Worldwide Educating for the Future Index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The index of 35 economies focuses on inputs to education systems, as opposed to outputs such as test scores. It examines the root causes of why current education systems are failing the next generation. The EIU's consultant, Trisha Suresh, told Samantha Butler how Hong Kong fared in its index: