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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ian Pooler


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Embattled legislator refuses to back down from ‘kill’ comments  Listenfacebook
Controversial pro-establishment lawmaker, Junius Ho - the man who said independence advocates should be killed mercilessly - insists he won't retract those comments. He has again said that those words, spoken at a rally on Sunday, referred to killing off the idea of Hong Kong independence instead of literally taking someone's life. He says he will make an official complaint about receiving abuse online over the controversy. This follows calls for the Law Society to launch a disciplinary hearing on Ho, who's a member. The security chief John Lee says the police are following up on Ho's remarks. Timmy Sung reports:
Privacy regulations breached in CCTV footage leak  Listenfacebook
The Privacy Commissioner says the Education University violated data protection principles this month, when it enabled the release of CCTV footage of two people suspected of being behind a poster insulting a government official. Images of the pair spread throughout social media and made it into some of the city's newspapers. The poster appeared amid controversy over Hong Kong independence banners being put up at several universities. Damon Pang reports:
Call to use vacant govt. buildings for temporary housing  Listenfacebook
An architect says the government should use its vacant buildings for temporary housing to help ease the housing shortage. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service has just unveiled a three-year pilot scheme enabling non-governmental organisations to rent out hundreds of cheap temporary homes to the needy - such as low-income families waiting for public flats. Ivan Ho, a vice president of the Institution of Architects, says many vacant government buildings could be put to similar use. He also told Ian Pooler he had reservations about the idea of using shipping containers for temporary housing:
Expert warns staff shortage will lead to misdiagnoses at hospitals  Listenfacebook
A pathology expert is warning that diagnosis errors will be unavoidable at public hospitals because of a serious staff shortage. The Hospital Authority has revealed a significant drop in the number of pathologists it employs. Wendy Wong reports:
Illegal parking crackdown to continue  Listenfacebook
Drivers are feeling the heat amid a territory-wide clampdown on illegal parking, which has boosted the amount of penalty tickets issued. And authorities are warning the tough enforcement won't stop anytime soon. Frances Sit reports:
Endangered turtle nesting site remains heavily polluted  Listenfacebook
One month after tonnes of palm oil washed up on local beaches following a collision between two ships, a conservationist says much of it remains at one site on Lamma Island. Sham Wan Beach is closed from June to November every year as it is a nesting site for endangered green sea turtles. Democratic Party legislator Ted Hui and conservationist Robert Lockyer visited the beach on Wednesday. Dr Lockyer told Samantha Butler that much rubbish was polluting the beach: