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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Selected audio segments:
HK linked to laundering of South African state funds   Listenfacebook
Hong Kong has been linked to an alleged fraud case involving hundreds of millions of dollars siphoned off from South African state funds. As Alex Price reports, the allegations are serious enough for the British government to look into the matter:
Tai Lam park fringe rich with butterflies   Listenfacebook
Green Power says the fringe area of Tai Lam Country Park the government is considering building flats on is home to about half of Hong Kong's 260 or so species of butterfly, including many that are rare or very rare. The species were identified by the green group in a seven-month study of the area, which it says is even more ecologically important than previously thought. And as Jimmy Choi reports, Green Power says it's now time to call off discussion of development in the area:
MTRC over-reliant on computer detection of signaling faults   Listenfacebook
Sources at the MTR Corporation have admitted that it was too reliant on a computer system to detect signaling faults on the Kwun Tong line, which resulted in a 10-hour service disruption in August. And as Timmy Sung reports, an investigation report blames the delay on a corroded copper cable transmitting unstable data:
Quick rule-change debate expected to be torpedoed   Listenfacebook
Legislative Council President Andrew Leung has said he needs more time to study whether to allow a quick start to debate on 34 proposals submitted by opposition lawmakers about changes in Legco’s rules of procedure. In a rare move, the pan-democrats submitted the proposals directly to the Legco president, saying that was to speed up the process. But this goes against usual practice. Pro-government lawmaker Paul Tse is the chairman of the Committee on Rules and Procedures. Mike Weeks asked him about the normal procedures for making changes to rules that govern the council:
HK’s methadone treatment a ‘remarkable success’   Listenfacebook
The success of Hong Kong's methadone treatment programme is being held up as a "bright spot" in Asia, where aggressive drug policies continue to prevail in places like the Philippines and Indonesia. A new report by the Open Society Foundations' Global Drug Policy Program says Hong Kong's approach - rooted in public health and social support - provides an essential service to people addicted to opiates, decreases petty crimes, and has also helped control HIV and Hepatitis C infections. Dr Robert Newman is the report's author. Ian Pooler asked him how the success of the programme in Hong Kong had been evaluated:
Some Beijingers not getting into the party spirit   Listenfacebook
With the Chinese Communist Party's congress entering into its third day on Friday, the authorities in Beijing have been trying to drum up a celebratory mood in the capital. Large red banners have been strung up to try to get people into the party spirit. But is it working? RTHK’s Maggie Ho has been out and about in Beijing to find out: