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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Wuhan effectively quarantined for Chinese New Year   Listenfacebook
Flights, trains and buses out of Wuhan will be suspended starting from 10am Thursday, as China's central transport hub goes into quarantine to try to halt the rapid spread of the new corona virus that's already travelled across the globe. The Hubei capital is at the epicentre of the outbreak, which is believed to have originated in a market selling seafood and exotic species and has now infected around 550 people in China. The extraordinary measures will also see all public transport in Wuhan suspended just ahead of Chinese New Year. They were announced after the Deputy Director of the National Health Commission, Li Bin, said on Wednesday that Beijing hoped to contain the disease in Wuhan, and warned people not to go there:
Wuhan virus infections in Hong Kong rise to two   Listenfacebook
The Centre for Health Protection is investigating Hong Kong's second suspected case of the potentially fatal respiratory virus. It says preliminary tests of the middle-aged man produced a positive result. Worryingly these were only carried out two days after he first went to hospital here at the weekend after coming down with a fever in Wuhan. Robert Kemp has the details:
Family of virus patient allowed to fly to Manila   Listenfacebook
Confirmation is expected on Thursday of what health officials say is "highly likely" to be Hong Kong's first case of the new corona virus. Preliminary tests on the tourist from Wuhan were positive and he's said to be in a stable condition in isolation at Princess Margaret hospital. Health officials are now appealing to train passengers who sat near him to come forward so they can be quarantined. But as Altis Wong reports, four family members that came with him to Hong Kong were allowed to fly out on Wednesday, to Manila:
HK urged to make its own decisions on Wuhan virus   Listenfacebook
Wuhan accounts for at least 444 of China's nearly 550 cases of the new corona virus, with 17 people in the city having died. That's a mortality rate of about 3 percent, compared with 10 percent for the Sars outbreak of 2003. Despite the rapid spread of the disease to Japan, Korea, Thailand and the United States, the World Health Organization has decided not to declare an international public health emergency for the moment. Its Director-General told a news conference it will have more information later on Thursday. Mike Weeks asked health services' lawmaker Joseph Lee if he’s happy with the WHO response:
Police who failed to show warrant cards under ‘disciplinary review’   Listenfacebook
The Police Commissioner, Chris Tang, has revealed that the force is carrying out "disciplinary reviews" of on-duty officers who failed to show their warrant cards. He was speaking at a meeting on Wednesday of the Tsuen Wan District Council. The pan-democrat councillors also questioned Tang about the force's response to an incident in the district on August 5, 2019, when a group of men in white attacked black-clad protesters with knives. But the police chief would say only that investigations are continuing. The Tsuen Wan councillors were far from happy and accused Tang of avoiding their questions on alleged police brutality. They also proposed a motion calling for the force to the disbanded and then revamped. Natale Ching asked one of the councillors, Lester Shum, why they had put such a motion forward:
Boat looked at for clues to killer crash mystery   Listenfacebook
The authorities say they will be looking at what condition a Customs Department boat was in before it capsized in waters near the airport on Tuesday night, killing three officers. It’s still unclear what caused the accident, as Jimmy Choi reports: