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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Ian Pooler and Samantha Butler


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US-China trade dispute intensifies  Listenfacebook
China analyst Willy Lam says the current Sino-US trade spat could last a long time, likening it to a clash of titans as the United States tries to prevent China from becoming a super power. He was commenting after President Trump announced tariffs on US$50 billion of Chinese imports, which China has threatened with retaliatory moves. And on Monday morning, President Trump announced further tariffs if China retaliated. Lam told Ian Pooler he expected the latest tariffs could shave half-a-percent off China's GDP in the short-term:
Police accused of discouraging people from joining July 1st rally   Listenfacebook
Organisers of the annual July 1st pro-democracy rally have accused the police of trying to scare people from taking part, as a row continues over where to start the march. The Civil Human Rights Front has, for the second year in a row, lost out to a pro-Beijing group to use the football pitches at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. It says another location offered by the police is inconvenient, and it may have to ignore warnings that starting from an unapproved location could amount to unlawful assembly. Damon Pang reports:
Contractor of scandal-hit rail link ordered to submit report  Listenfacebook
The government has ordered a major contractor for the MTR Corporation to submit a report on a string of safety concerns plaguing the future Shatin-to-Central rail link. Three weeks after reports emerged of substandard work at Hung Hom Station, there are also concerns regarding the future To Kwa Wan and Exhibition Centre stations. All the problems were revealed by lawmakers and the media, rather than MTRC bosses. The government has warned of tough measures if any wrongdoing is uncovered. Tom McAlinden reports:
Transport-sector lawmaker criticises MTRC over safety scares   Listenfacebook
The lawmaker representing the transport sector, Frankie Yick, says the public are growing tired with the way MTR Corporation bosses are handling the growing safety scares over the Shatin-to-Central link. He told Damon Pang the railway operator was not doing a good job at keeping people informed:
Taishan’s troubled nuclear plant starts up in secret  Listenfacebook
The Taishan nuclear power plant in Guangdong province, around 130kms from Hong Kong, has reportedly been started up in secret, despite problems flagged up in a safety inspection just days before. Altis Wong reports:
Retirees urged to do more volunteering work  Listenfacebook
Retired people in Hong Kong are being urged to get out and volunteer in the community for their own well-being as much as anyone else's. The Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service says a survey it carried out showed people aged over 51, who give up at least four hours a week to help others, are happier and healthier than those who don't. Professor Eric Chui from City University, who helped analyse the findings, told Candice Wong about the benefits of volunteering:
Warning over new online scam  Listenfacebook
People looking for love online are being warned that con artists have come up with a new way to cheat money out of people - simply by pretending it's their birthday. Candice Wong reports.