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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Dr guilty of manslaughter over HK’s worst beauty treatment blunder   Listenfacebook
The boss of the DR beauty clinic in Causeway Bay and one of his technicians have been convicted of manslaughter over an experimental cancer therapy that killed a woman. But after a marathon 98-day High Court trial, the jury couldn't reach a verdict on another doctor who injected the woman with bacteria-infected blood. Maggie Ho reports:
Rurik Jutting appeals murder convictions   Listenfacebook
Sadistic killer Rurik Jutting was back in court on Tuesday, trying to appeal his conviction for the brutal murders of two Indonesian women in 2014 at his Wanchai flat, for which he was jailed for life. His lawyers told the Court of Appeal that the jury which found the British banker guilty of double murder had been misdirected, as Joanne Wong reports:
Transport subsidy scheme expanded   Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, has announced the expansion of a planned transport subsidy scheme to also cover red minibuses, private shuttle buses and small ferries. As Frances Sit reports, the government says the move should benefit another 200,000 people:
Power charges to rise by 1.9 percent  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong Electric and CLP Power are set to raise electricity charges by 1.9 percent next year. They blame higher fuel prices and operating costs for the increase. And the Environment Secretary, Wong Kam-sing, warned that prices are bound to rise further in the coming years as the two firms switch to using cleaner but more expensive fuel to generate electricity in 2020. Richard Tsoi is the convenor of the Coalition to Monitor Public Transport and Utilities. Ian pooler asked him for his view on the increase:
Rule change battle set to resume   Listenfacebook
Lawmakers will resume debating controversial changes to the Legislative Council’s rules of procedure on Wednesday. The pro-establishment camp insists the changes are needed to curb filibustering. But the pan-democrats are worried they are intended to pave the way for the passage of controversial bills, such as Article 23 national security legislation. The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, on Tuesday rejected this suggestion, claiming the government would never do anything to hurt the people. But Democratic Party lawmaker James To accused her of breaking her promise not to take advantage of the disqualification over the past 12 months or so of six opposition lawmakers. Ronny Tong is a member of Lam’s Executive Council and the convenor of the Path of Democracy. Mike Weeks asked him if To is right:
Operation Santa Claus 2017: Rehabaid Society   Listenfacebook
One of the beneficiaries of Operation Santa Claus this year is the Rehabaid Society. It works to help the disabled, those with special needs and the elderly to live a fuller life. Money raised in the 2017 festive season will be going towards a project encouraging healthy ageing at home. The Society’s CEO, Dr Cecilia Lam, spoke to Hugh Chiverton: