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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Ex-transport chief urges government to halt rail-project funding   Listenfacebook
Hong Kong’s former transport secretary Anthony Cheung says the government should stop funding new rail projects in light of the series of setbacks, safety concerns and scandals that have hit two multi-billion dollar lines. Timmy Sung has the details:
Serious concerns over safety of West Kowloon tenements   Listenfacebook
Researchers say 90 percent of old residential blocks in Kowloon West are now crammed full of subdivided flats, and that most have worrying safety issues. As Iris Yeung reports, these concerns range from security to how sound the buildings are - given the overcrowding:
Market resale of HOS flats ‘should’ be stopped   Listenfacebook
The head of a housing concern group says the government should ban the sale of Home Ownership Scheme flats on the private market. Officials are now considering resale conditions for such subsidised housing before implementing measures to make it more affordable. Anthony Chiu from the Federation of Public Housing Estates says they should only be resold to those eligible for public and subsidised flats. But Lee Wing-tat, the chairman of the policy think tank, Landwatch, says a five-year ban on resale in the open market would be good enough. He told Frances Sit that Chiu's suggestion could backfire:
More encouragement needed for renewable energy   Listenfacebook
Academics, environmentalists and community organisations have come together to urge the government to do more to encourage local communities to generate cleaner power and sell it to the grid. Hong Kong's two power companies are launching feed-in tariff schemes from October to buy electricity from households or businesses which have renewable energy installations. The groups say local communities would be more willing to join the scheme if the government offered financial support and opened up public spaces. Mike Weeks asked Albert Lai, from Carbon Care Asia, if he’s making the call because of the sluggish response so far to CLP Power’s feed-in tariff scheme, which has already started receiving applications:
University autonomy battle ‘could’ resume   Listenfacebook
The former head of the University of Hong Kong's School of Humanities, Professor Timothy O'Leary, will be flying out of the city on Monday for good. That ends a 17-year stint here in which he became embroiled in the battle for institutional autonomy at Hong Kong's oldest university. He led a silent rally by hundreds of staff and students over the university's refusal to appoint liberal former law dean Johannes Chan to pro-vice-chancellor, but also later joined the University of Hong Kong's governing council. Ian Pooler asked O’Leary if he believes the university‘s governance is in better shape now than it was in the immediate aftermath of the turmoil of the Occupy democracy movement three years ago:
Trump has low expectations for Putin summit   Listenfacebook
President Trump renewed his criticism of America's European allies on Sunday, describing the EU as a foe, alongside Russia and China. He did though stress, in an interview with CBS, that he wasn't trying to imply European countries were bad, just that they are competitors with the US. But the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, responded by saying the EU and America were best friends and that whoever said they were foes was spreading fake news. Trump was speaking ahead of his summit with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki. The US leader said he has low expectations for Monday’s meeting. Mike Weeks asked RTHK's Washington correspondent Barry Wood why: