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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Ian Pooler


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Happy Valley race meet cancelled  Listenfacebook
The ongoing anti-government protests in Hong Kong have now resulted in the cancellation of the National Day fireworks show on October 1st, as well as Wednesday night's horse-racing in Happy Valley. In an unprecedented move, the Hong Kong Jockey Club cancelled the race meeting, citing security concerns. Extradition protesters had threatened to target a horse co-owned by pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho that was due to run. Priscilla Ng reports.
Cancellation politicises horse-racing  Listenfacebook
A risk consultant says in hindsight, the decision to cancel Wednesday night's Happy Valley race meeting was unfortunate, given that it was a specific threat targeting a specific member. Steve Vickers, the chief executive of Steve Vickers and Associates, told Ian Pooler the Hong Kong Jockey Club could have approached member Junius Ho, rather than shut down the entire race and further politicise racing.
Pelosi voices support for HK protesters  Listenfacebook
The US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the Congress will swiftly advance the passing of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act which has now gained bipartisan support. She made the comments while welcoming pro-democracy activists, Joshua Wong and Denise Ho, to the US Capitol, as Altis Wong reports.
CE reaches out to district councillors  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, has begun her campaign to build what she calls a 'platform for dialogue' with the community, by welcoming district councillors to a two-hour meeting at government headquarters. Some councillors said Wednesday night's meeting was, overall, positive but others were more critical. Jimmy Choi reports.
Councillor hopes CE has new tactics  Listenfacebook
Central and Western District Councillor, Jeremy Young from the Liberal Party, said comments made by the Chief Executive Carrie Lam at Wednesday's meeting did not leave him with too much confidence. Young said Lam wanted to stop violence and restore order. But he said her current methods had not shown any positive result and he hoped she could come up with a different strategy. He started by telling Janice Wong that he was one of the luckier participants who was allotted time to speak.
More cracks found at derailment site  Listenfacebook
Railway authorities have discovered an extra crack on the track where an MTR train derailed on Tuesday near Hung Hom station, but they still have not decided if all the cracks found were there before or after the derailment. Trains are still running at reduced frequencies at Hung Hom station. Timmy Sung reports.
Fewer people set monthly savings targets  Listenfacebook
Findings from a survey commissioned by the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board suggest fewer people are setting monthly savings targets. The Public Opinion Research Institute surveyed a thousand people, and compared the results to a similar study last year. They also found slightly fewer people were putting away money each month, but those that were saved a higher amount than they did in 2018. The chairman of the Deposit Protection Board, Michael Hui, explained to Richard Pyne his major concern with this year's results.