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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Review of police holsters called for after gun grab  Listenfacebook
Police firearms and training are again under the spotlight after a drunk man apparently grabbed a gun from an officer’s holster during a struggle on Thursday morning and fired off three shots in a Shatin flat. Two officers were hit. One had to undergo an operation and is now in stable condition. The other was only grazed by a bullet and was treated and released. Wendy Wong reports:
Police telecom chief let off lightly over housing swindle   Listenfacebook
The police chief telecommunications engineer has been spared jail despite swindling the government out of HK$1.9 million in housing loans and allowances. Frances Sit has the details:
Controversial school assessments to go ahead as planned   Listenfacebook
RTHK has learned that a committee reviewing the much-criticised assessments of primary three students is about to recommend that the tests go ahead as planned this year. But it thinks lots should be drawn to decide which schools - or which students - should sit the BCAs to discourage any drilling for the tests. Jimmy Choi reports:
Officials accused of underestimating potential of NT sites   Listenfacebook
The government is considering a new tax on property left empty. The Financial Secretary unveiled the idea, saying the number of such unutilised flats had grown to 9,500 last year. But Paul Chan ruled out the introduction of rent controls, saying they would not help keep the rental market in check. He says the land supply task force will come up with various proposals next month to boost land supply. But just ahead of the release of its report, the task force has been accused along with the government of deliberately underestimating the development potential of brownfield sites. The Liber Research Community estimates there is more than 1,100 hectares of brownfield land in the New Territories, and about 60 percent of that either isn't included in existing development projects or has no development timetable. Brian Wong is a member of the planning concern group. Mike Weeks asked him why he believes the government is intentionally underestimating the development potential of brownfield sites:
Taxi trade demands Uber ban   Listenfacebook
An alliance of taxi drivers has given the government until Tuesday to respond to their demands - including a complete ban on the ride-hailing service Uber - or face stepped up protests. The drivers accuse officials of turning a blind eye to unlicensed Uber cars which they say have significantly damaged their business. About 100 cabbies were involved in a slow-drive protest around the government's Tamar headquarters on Thursday, as Jimmy Choi reports: