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‘HK acts passed by the US are mostly symbolic’  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act has been passed in the US House of Representatives by 417 votes to one - a day after the Senate unanimously approved the bill, provoking an outcry from Beijing. The act requires the US president to annually review the favourable trade status that Washington grants to Hong Kong, and threatens to revoke the coveted status that the SAR enjoys with the United States if its freedoms are quashed. The measure now heads to President Trump for signing into law. The bill sets up another potential conflict between Beijing and Washington that could jeopardise a major trade deal which has been under negotiation for months. Annemarie Evans told Glenn Shive, the executive director of the Hong Kong America Center she was surprised that it was passed by such an astounding majority.
Those still holed up at Poly U are predominantly youngsters: Ip Kin-yuen  Listenfacebook
Education sector lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen, who's been helping young protesters leave the Polytechnic University, says although there's still water and electricity on campus, hygiene conditions are poor, making it difficult for those holed up inside. It's believed about 100 people remain there. Ip believes some of them are not even protesters - but were trapped during the chaos earlier this week. He says he's met a few of them, including an insurance agent who was at the campus for business, several Poly U staff, and a housewife. The lawmaker also says some of those holed up are minors. He spoke to Janice Wong.
‘Prince Andrew scandal could cause shake up of UK Royal Family’  Listenfacebook
A lawyer representing some of Jeffrey Epstein's victims says Britain's Duke of York should put himself forward to be interviewed by US investigators. Gloria Allred questioned Prince Andrew's pledge that he would assist with investigators into the convicted sex offender "if required". She urged him to contact US authorities "without conditions and without delay". Her comments came hours after the Duke announced he is stepping down from royal duties over the scandal. Annemarie Evans asked RTHK's UK correspondent Gavin Grey just how big this scandal has become.