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Making ‘grooming children’ a crime a step in the right direction: concern group  Listenfacebook
The Law Reform Commission has proposed major changes to sexual-offences legislation - including making the age of consent uniform at 16, abolishing several gay-specific crimes, and ending the use of the term "rape" and replacing it with a new offence called "sexual penetration without consent". It also recommended a new crime of grooming children for sex, which aims to protect children from paedophiles, who approach a potential victim repeatedly with the aim of building a relationship with them, before abusing them. Annemarie Evans asked Priscilla Lui, the chairwoman of the Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights, if her group welcomed the proposals for protecting children.
‘Huge hospital at Bishop Hill would be an unnecessary eyesore’  Listenfacebook
A group of district councillors are making a last-minute push to urge the Town Planning Board to reject plans by the local Anglican Church to build a 25-storey private hospital at Bishop Hill in Central. The board is scheduled to discuss the controversial project on Friday. Fourteen councillors and councillors-elect, along with conservationists, oppose the plan, saying it would affect the heritage value of the site - home to some of Hong Kong's oldest colonial buildings. They also say there's no demand for such a big hospital there, and warned it would worsen traffic in the area. Ben Tse asked Katty Law, spokeswoman for the Government Hill Concern Group about their objections to the plan.
Pakistan welcomes new vaccine against typhoid  Listenfacebook
Scientists say a new vaccine against typhoid has cut cases of the bacterial disease by more than 80 percent in trials. Typhoid is spread through contaminated food or water and kills about 160-thousand people each year. The trials reported in the New England Journal of Medicine involved 20-thousand children in Nepal. And nine million youngsters are being immunised in Pakistan. Annemarie Evans asked RTHK's South Asia correspondent Murali Krishnan what difference this vaccine will make for the children of Pakistan.