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Contractors should be made responsible for replacing pipes at estates affected by lead-water scandal: lawmaker  Listenfacebook
Civic Party lawmaker, Dennis Kwok, says contractors and plumbers should be made responsible for replacing water pipes at public housing estates where tap water has been found contaminated with lead. His suggestion came after the Chief Secretary, Carrie Lam, told legislators that there are "systematic inadequacies" when it comes to ensuring the quality of the water at the estates. Kwok tells Annemarie Evans that apart from replacing the pipes, the contractors should also be made to set up a fund to pay for the medical expenses of tenants whose health is found to have been affected by the lead-contaminated water.
Stopping children from playing suicide theme games difficult: expert  Listenfacebook
A suicide prevention expert says it is difficult for parents to stop their children from playing games with suicide themes on their mobile phones. This comes after a primary school in Tuen Mun found some of its pupils playing games involving falling or pretending to fall from buildings. The Director of the University of Hong Kong's Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, Professor Paul Yip, says some children could get the wrong impression from such games that they can come back to life after death. He tells Ben Tse that children are too young to tell the difference between the virtual and the actual worlds.
Arrest of “kingpin of ivory trading” will send shockwaves through criminal networks: WWF Hong Kong   Listenfacebook
WWF Hong Kong says the prosecution of a Chinese woman in Tanzania for allegedly smuggling elephants tusks worth more than HK$20 million, will send shockwaves through criminal networks that engage in wildlife crime. Sixty-six year old Yang Feng-glan, who originates from Beijing, has been described as the “kingpin of ivory trading” and the most important trafficker ever busted. She was arrested with several other high-level Chinese ivory traffickers. Cheryl Lo, the senior wildlife crime officer at WWF Hong Kong, tells Annemarie Evans that loopholes in Hong Kong laws could also be fuelling the poaching crisis in Africa.