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Risk of contracting bird flu in Hong Kong not significant: virologist  Listenfacebook
University of Hong Kong virologist, Professor Malik Peiris, says he is not alarmed by the first human case of bird flu this winter. The 75-year-old man is believed to have been infected on the mainland after travelling to Changping in Dongguan last month. He attended hospital there with chest discomfort and returned to Hong Kong the next day, where he was directly admitted to North District Hospital by ambulance. Nine days later, he developed a fever and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Tests yesterday confirmed he had the H7N9 virus. Peiris says the risk of getting bird flu in Hong Kong is not significant. But he tells Annemarie Evans that people should careful when they visit the mainland.

Restaurants to be asked to stop serving shark fin soup  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Shark Foundation says it will go to restaurants one-by-one and urge them to stop serving shark fin soup. Its Head of Campaign, Prentice Koo, says the dish is being served at more than 323,000 tables at Chinese wedding banquets each year, despite a general rise of public awareness in shark conservation. He says a survey the foundation conducted of about 400 guests at 30 wedding banquets revealed that only five percent of them liked shark fin soup. Koo tells Jim Gould that restaurants, the couples and the guests are all playing a part in the high consumption.

Christmas market carnage could have been a 'terrorist act': correspondent  Listenfacebook
Berlin-based journalist, Ruth Kirchner, says police in the city are treating the incident in which a truck crashed into a Christmas market, killing twelve people and injuring 48 others, as a suspected terrorist act. She says it is still not known who perpetrated the attack. Eyewitnesses say the vehicle ploughed through the busy market square, next to the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church. Politicians from the German anti-immigration AFD party blamed Chancellor Angela Merkel for the attack, linking the incident to her open door policy for migrants. Kirchner tells Annemarie Evans that people in Berlin are shocked and the incident is going to fuel debate on the country's refugee policy.