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Trade unions express disappointment  Listenfacebook
The vice-president of the Federation of Trade Unions, Pan Pey-chyou, says labour groups are very disappointed with a government advisory committee that ruled out legislation on standard working hours. In its report to the Chief Executive, the committee suggested specifying working hours in contracts and including terms on overtime compensation. Pan says low-income workers will not be able to get any protection from employers. He tells Annemarie Evans that the report has no credentials.

People eager to get onto the property ladder  Listenfacebook
A real estate consultant, Nicolas Brooke, says the public feels that housing prices aren’t going to fall despite the government’s efforts to increase the land supply. He says people are afraid that if they do not get onto the property ladder now, they may not be able to afford a flat in future. Brooke’s comments came after latest government figures showed home prices rose by 7.6 percent last year. He tells Damon Pang that mainland property developers are paying higher-than-expected prices to buy land in Hong Kong.
Theresa May to meet Donald Trump  Listenfacebook
The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, says she will seek a renewed special relationship with the United States. In a speech to Republicans in Philadelphia, she said there should be no return to the failed military interventions of the past -- but Britain and America still have a responsibility to provide global leadership. May was speaking ahead of her talks with President Trump. She's the first foreign head of state to meet the US leader since his inauguration last week. UK correspondent, Peter Anderson, tells Annemarie Evans about the significance of May's visit.