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Rethink tax regime, says Ho Lok-sang  Listenfacebook
Professor Ho Lok-sang, head of the Chu Hai College’s business school, says Hong Kong should rethink its tax regime, as multinationals are less enthusiastic about using the city as a regional headquarters. Professor Ho was reacting to the latest figures out of the Inland Revenue Department, which recorded a slight decline in its provisional tax collection. Annemarie Evans asked Professor Ho if it was healthy to see almost a quarter of tax revenue come from stamp duty collections.
Implement BCA in phases, Regina Ip advises  Listenfacebook
New People’s Party chairwoman Regina Ip says the Basic Competency Assessment (BCA) should only be taken by students at school that volunteer to take part, so the feedback can be used to improve teaching in the city. Ip had opposed the BCA during her campaign to become Chief Executive, as did eventual winner Carrie Lam. The Education Bureau revealed on Tuesday that the tests would continue as planned this year, despite opposition from some teacher and parents groups. Ip met Lam on Tuesday to discuss different policies. She spoke to Jim Gould.
Beijing worries about ‘destabilising’ missile defence shield  Listenfacebook
The US military says its controversial missile defence system deployed in South Korea is now operational. The system can intercept North Korean missiles, although full operational capability is still some months away. China has already registered its opposition to the system. RTHK’s Seoul correspondent Frank Smith told Annemarie Evans says Beijing is worried that its presence is destabilising and threatens its security.