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Insufficient notice given to close kindergartens and primary schools: lawmaker  Listenfacebook
The lawmaker representing the education sector Ip Kin-yuen says the government gave too little notice before ordering the closure of kindergartens and primary schools due to the influenza outbreak. He said this caused a lot of confusion among parents and those managing the schools, many of whom didn't know what to do. Ip told Jim Gould he hopes that in future, the administration would carefully consider what impact sudden orders could have on the community before issuing them.
Not much done to improve building safety in Taiwan: correspondent  Listenfacebook
Taiwan journalist Cindy Sui says earthquakes in Taiwan are common and could result in fatalities and buildings collapsing. But she said it seems not much has been done to improve building safety in a bid to minimise casualties. Sui told Annemarie Evans that a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck two years ago and killed nearly 120 people exposed how sub-standard some buildings are.
Giant rocket blasts off in the United States  Listenfacebook
A giant rocket has blasted off successfully from Cape Canaveral in the US, in a breakthrough for the private space industry. The Falcon Heavy, dreamed up by billionaire Elon Musk, is able to carry more than twice as much as existing rockets. It can reach the moon -- which US President Donald Trump has made a top priority for NASA -- and could lead to interplanetary travel. David Baker, the UK-based editor of Spaceflight Magazine, told Annemarie Evans what he thought about the rocket's launch.